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An awesome-looking website is only the first step in launching your yoga studio online. To be competitive in today’s market, you need to have an interactive user-friendly website that services the needs of your customers.

In this article, we present the Best Yoga Studio Software Options that you can use to help manage your yoga studio. All these software options come with their own unique benefits to maximize your ability to meet the needs of your customers.

Here is a comprehensive list of the 20 Best Yoga Studio Software Options that will have your yoga business operating at peak performance:

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Screenshot of the yoga studio software MINDBODY.

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To successfully manage a business, you must have the right tools to accomplish the needed tasks and to help keep your records organized. That’s the reason why we list MINDBODY at the top of the list for your yoga studio software options.

Whether you need to schedule customer appointments, conduct billing transactions, or receive payments, MINDBODY can assist you in accomplishing those tasks. Everything you need to manage your yoga studio is found at MINDBODY. With this software, you can manage your business, create reports, schedule classes, and much more.

With MINDBODY’s marketing features, you can reach new customers while staying connected to your current customer base. It does not matter if you’ve been in business for a while or if you are just starting out, you should consider MINDBODY.

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2. The Studio Director

Screenshot of the yoga studio software The Studio Director.

The Studio Director is a business management solution designed for small and midsize businesses like dance studios, martial arts centers, and yoga studios. With Studio Director you will be able to provide first-class customer service to your clients.

You can send them personalized emails, and create email campaigns for your established clients and attract new clients. Everything you need to manage your studio is right at your fingertips with the Studio Director.

In addition to online client registration, mass emails, and text messaging, this software provides the ability to manage inventory, process tuition, and recurring payments.

3. Zen Planner

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Zen Planner.

If you want the ability to focus on your clients and teaching, as opposed to sitting behind a desk scheduling appointments and sending out emails to confirm them, you need Zen Planner. The reason you started your yoga business was to focus on your clients and teaching, not doing administrative tasks.

Zen Planner is the yoga studio management software that allows you to focus your attention where it needs to be, on your customers. With Zen Planner, your students can log in online to schedule classes and pay bills. Zen Planner also features automatic billing, retail, detailed reports, and more.

This software is designed for your business growth. Studio owners have reported experiencing a 20% annual revenue growth once they started using Zen Planner.

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4. Virtuagym

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Virtuagym.

One of the benefits of going to the gym, fitness center, or yoga studio is the opportunity to become part of a community. With Virtuagym you can build an online community for your yoga studio where you can connect with your students. You can help ensure your students’ success by staying in touch with them and providing them with up-to-date information.

When you keep your students engaged, you can keep them active, which leads to their success and the success of your business. Other Virtuagym features like automated billing and the ability to schedule classes will help you improve the efficiency of your business. A smoothly running business means more profits in your pocket.

5. Glofox Yoga

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Glofox Yoga.

Glofox Yoga Software is a simple solution that makes your studio more efficient. You can manage your business with the management dashboard on a desktop computer or any mobile app. The software can be easily paired with your website and social media so your customers can seamlessly view, book, and pay for services online.

Your customers will have access to your yoga studio 24/7 with the app on their smartphones. They can book classes whenever it’s convenient for them. Glofox also features a self-service check-in so you can spend more time in the studio teaching as opposed to staffing the front desk.

As the business owner, you have to ability to run reports to find out how your business is performing based on your promotions offered and other business decisions.

6. GymMaster

Screenshot of the yoga studio software GymMaster.

GymMaster is a web-based membership management system designed for health & fitness professionals that work well for yoga studios. You can manage your members, track their performance, and offer them online booking, payment, and monitoring options through a personalized web portal.

GymMaster offers an advanced Access Control system that allows your customers to enter your studio through the secure doors, without requiring someone to staff a front desk to let them in. Use the payment management feature to let customers signup online, make payments, and receive reminders about payments that are due.

The point-of-sale feature allows you to sell equipment and accessories to your customers, which will help boost your profits.

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7. Fitli Yoga

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Fitli Yoga.

Fitli software was designed to make it easier for people to get fit and stay fit. Fitli takes pride in being simple to use, offering excellent customer service, and being affordable. Your customers will have the ability to book appointments using their desktop or any of their smart devices, make online payments, and receive emails.

Fitil representatives are available to assist you with setup and answer any questions you may have. All this comes at an affordable low price. No matter what level your business is at, you’ll have access to all Fitli features. There is one small fee for each transaction, and there are no hidden fees.

You will always know what you’re paying. You will be able to help your customers get fit and keep your finances fit with Fitli Yoga.

8. WellnessLiving

Screenshot of the yoga studio software WellnessLiving.

The next-generation software for your yoga business is WellnessLiving. In addition to managing your yoga studio, WellnessLiving lets you set up an online yoga store with ease. You can sell anything in your online store, from memberships to workshops, products to services, and everything in between.

Transactions can be processed in no time with integrated credit card processing. Cards can be processed for a low 1.49%. WellnessLiving also lets you create monthly recurring billing and automatic withdrawals for your memberships. For convenience, receipts are emailed to your customers and saved in their profiles.

This software works seamlessly with the latest hardware devices like barcode scanners, key tags, credit card readers, and cash drawers. WellnessLiving was built for the ease and convenience of your customers.

9. ACTIVE Network

Screenshot of the yoga studio software ACTIVE Network.

ACTIVE Network provides start-to-finish, online client registration and management solutions for your yoga studio. Paper registration is time-consuming and costly. Your clients can feel safe in providing the requested data required in the secure ACTIVE Network software.

You can be confident that your client’s personal information will only be accessed by authorized personnel. ACTIVE Network also has mobile capabilities. Large corporations, schools, and government agencies have used ACTIVE Network for their event online registration and marketing solutions.

10. Bitrix24

Screenshot of the yoga studio software bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is a free yoga studio management platform that’s used by 4 million businesses worldwide. As your yoga studio grows, you will discover that starting a business is easy, but maintaining that business can be difficult unless you have the right tools in place.

As your business grows, acquires new customers, and hires new instructors, you’ll find that you have a need for a scalable operational structure and the right set of tools to help sustain it.

Fortunately, Bitrix24 can help you build both an internal infrastructure and external relationships. Managing people, projects, and marketing can all be done from a single platform. Sales management, client management, employee management, document management, scheduling and time management are just a few of the tools that Bitrix24 comes with.

Bitrix24 is available in the cloud. Therefore, it requires no IT administrator.

11. Acuity Scheduling

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Acuity Scheduling.

With Acuity Scheduling, you will never have to worry about the task of scheduling your clients. Acuity Scheduling gives your clients the ability to easily schedule appointments online. If necessary, they can also cancel an appointment and reschedule it for a later time.

When your client books their appointment, they will automatically receive a customized booking confirmation from Acuity. They will automatically receive text or email reminders about their appointment. With these appointment reminder features, you will not lose valuable time and resources from clients not showing up or being late to their appointments.

Clients can also use Acuity Scheduling to make payments. Additional features of this software include three custom widgets to display recent posts, favorite posts, and social media. Find out how to fill your calendar with new clients by using Acuity Scheduling.

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12. Omnify

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Omnify.

Omnify lets you schedule your classes, appointments, and workshops for your yoga studio with ease. You can accept payments online, and your customers will have a good experience when booking their classes online with Omnify’s customized widgets. Customers who lead busy lives will be able to sign up for classes using the Omnify mobile application.

One of the nice features of Omnify is a service store that can be customized and acts as a landing page where you can sell all the services you offer. The store integrates well with your yoga studio website. Omnify is designed for business owners who want to grow their yoga studios.

13. CourseStorm

Screenshot of the yoga studio software CourseStorm.

CourseStorm is a class registration and marketing software. With this software, you can reach and register more students, and save time in the process. Regardless of the size or type of class you offer, this class registration software will be the perfect solution.

With CourseStorm there are no long-term commitments. You will simply pay-as-you-go. CourseStorm clients pay just 4% on credit card registrations. They take care of the security and the credit card processing for you.

It’s so simple, anyone can use it to enroll their students. In addition to simple online registration, CourseStorm offers custom themes, website integration, backend integration, and outstanding support. You can start registering your customers today with CourseStorm.

14. SuperSaaS

Screenshot of the yoga studio software SuperSaas.

SuperSaaS is a powerful online scheduling tool that works with any type of business and any type of schedule. It is a flexible and affordable way to manage your yoga studio. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of 24/7 online appointment scheduling.

They will receive automated email reminders to help them remember their appointments and help reduce the possibility of them being a no-show. SuperSaas does not require any software installation. It is run entirely on the internet and can be accessed from any browser.

All your information is automatically backed up. Because it is hosted on SuperSaas’ server the upgrades and updates to the software are performed automatically.

15. Vagaro

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Vagaro.

Vagaro is in business to help your business grow. Watch the number of no-shows go down when using Vagaro. Never miss another appointment with Vagaro.

Your customers can schedule their next class at a time when it’s convenient for them. They can book appointments on the Vagaro website, the Vagaro app, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram or on your yoga studio website with the Vagaro booking widget.

Vagaro keeps you in touch with your customers by sending them emails, texts, or push notifications. On the back end, you will be able to see when someone books or reschedules an appointment. Vagaro will help increase your business’ productivity and free up your time to spend it working with your customers.

16. Pike13

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Pike13.

Pike13 offers a simple web-based solution to help you grow your business and keep your valuable customers. You’ll be able to schedule appointments, enroll customers, and manage their profiles. Pike 13 offers its clients the ability to empower their staff by giving them the ability to control their own schedules and clients.

Pike 13’s automated scheduling and client management will provide you with peace of mind by spending less time worrying about administrative details. Focused features of Pike 13 include automated notifications, mobile appointment booking, client management, attendance tracking, billing and payments, and reporting analytics.

17. 10to8 Scheduling Software

Screenshot of the yoga studio software 10to8.

10to8 Scheduling Software offers management solutions for the enterprise, healthcare, therapists, complementary health, beauty and salons, tutors and teachers, sports and fitness, professional services, and tradesmen. It will be an excellent option for managing your yoga studio.

10to8 is a booking software created for ambitious professionals that want to reduce no-shows, increase capacity, and boost repeat customers. Your clients have all the current information they need. 10to8 interacts with your clients by sending them messages encouraging them to show up on time.

If they don’t respond, you will be notified with enough time to contact them to find out what their intentions are. Private notes, appointment details, confirmations, and automated reminders, will show up in your calendar, making you aware of what’s happening with your customers. Businesses that use 10to8 have reported their no-shows were reduced by 90%!

18. Punchpass

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Punchpass.

Punchpass provides you with pages that can be customized so your customers can use them to see your schedule, make class reservations, purchase passes, and log into their accounts. You do not have to own your own website to use Punchpass.

Many Punchpass clients use their Facebook page as their website and their Punchpass page for their customers. If you do have a website, Punchpass has a widget for embedding the public pages on your website.

You will be able to customize the instructions at the top of the page, the language, and the available customer options. Your business logo can also be added to keep your brand visible to your customers.

19. Yoga Trail

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Yoga Trail.

YogaTrail is a free software solution used by yoga studios to grow and manage their business. This is the most comprehensive yoga site with numerous yoga studios and classes from all over the United States in one simple location.

Customers can search the site by classes, events, teachers, or places. With Yoga Trail, you can engage with your students, accept payments, and attract new customers. Their marketing services allow you to be featured in the YogaTrail Directory on the web and mobile application, get links to your website and social media pages and see your events promoted in the Yoga Trail community, either locally or worldwide.

20. Schedulista

Screenshot of the yoga studio software Schedulista.

If you are a hairstylist, personal trainer, massage therapist, communications coach, university researcher, or yoga teacher, Schedulista can help you manage your business online. Your customers will be able to schedule appointments online anywhere, at any time, and from any type of device.

Customers can book appointments directly from your website, Facebook page, or from a link in an email. You can use Schedulista to manage your schedule. Other tools provide you with the ability to connect with your customers and grow your business.

You get an attractive booking page that you can customize to match your website or your personal brand. Schedulista features include calendar sync, classes, embed website scheduler, payments, MailChimp integration, unlimited SMS, and knowledgeable and friendly support.

21. PerfectMind

Screenshot of the yoga studio software PerfectMind.

PerfectMind is a great software that helps in managing and growing your business. It uses cloud-based technology for organizing your connections whether you have small or large communities. This site offers a broad scope of functionalities that support recreation centers and fitness clubs with membership handling, appointments, and even online selling.

Full features include the following: member management, calendar, and online booking, POS and payments, marketing automation, facility management, and platform-as-a-service where you can create workflows, page layouts, and custom fields.

22. SalonTouch

SalonTouch software

Don’t let the name fool you.  While SalonTouch serves salon businesses, it’s equally adept at providing full business software solutions for yoga studios with scheduling, marketing, contact database management, inventory, email marketing, and more.