Online poll for yoga studios

Every yoga studio must decide at some point whether to teach what the teachers prefer or what prospective students prefer.

If you run a studio that aims to serve students, then it’s important you figure out what current and prospective students want.

How do you do this?

A great way that costs nothing is to survey them.

It’s ridiculously easy to do this and takes very little time. I get into the nuts and bolts of what to survey them on below. First, let’s discuss what you can survey them on.

What should your surveys/polls ask?

Here are some poll examples:

See a live example of a pole like this:

[socialpoll id=”2486157″]

How do you create surveys and polls?

There are many options. I use Opinionstage which has great free options. In fact, you can probably get away with the free version.

It’s a cloud-based poll and survey software so the polls and surveys embed on any web page.

You can literally make these polls and surveys in minutes.

Where do you put your polls and surveys?

Put them on your website. You can add them to every page or select pages. It can go in the sidebar or bottom of the content.

You can also create a dedicated page with your poll or survey and then email your students asking them to take the survey or poll. Perhaps use this only for current students so you get a sense of what current students want. Then the polls and surveys live throughout your site will likely be completed by prospective students visiting your website to determine whether they want to try out your studio.

If you don’t manage your site, just get the poll/survey code and send it to your webmaster. They’ll know what to do with it.

Important tip for your polls and surveys

Keep it relatively short. Polls get great response rates because they take mere seconds to complete.

If you want to run a more extensive survey, it helps to offer something of value for people who complete the survey such as a draw for something such as free yoga classes.

What do you do with the data?

This is the reason you run polls and surveys. You get information that you can use to make business decisions. You just might find out your students really want a different style of yoga or prefer different days, etc.

Of course, you don’t have to act on the information, but you might if demand is strong enough.