A woman with her hand on her forehead and the other holding a water bottle, feeling tired rather than energized after her yoga session.

You may have often heard how people do yoga to relieve their stress or how practicing yoga poses, and stretches bring inner calming and relaxing effects. And this is indeed true. But yoga practice still requires energy and physical effort, and you will inevitably feel tired after yoga. But those may only be one of the many reasons your body could feel the way it feels after your yoga class. 

Why Do You Feel Tired After Yoga?

Yoga may not be as physical as contact sports like soccer, basketball, or running, but every time I do it, I still find myself lying on the ground breathless and my body soaked in sweat after my session. So I did a little research to know if this was normal when supposedly, yoga should calm me down. And here’s what I found on why you feel tired after yoga.

Hyper-Aware of Breathing

“Inhale. Exhale. Focus on your breathing” are the words you usually hear when you practice yoga. When you practice mindful breathing, your body will reveal the fatigue you may have kept all this time. Keeping in tune with your breathing will help you tune in with your body as this helps you release negativity. When you ensure to breathe mindfully, your body will sometimes tell you what it needs- a good rest. 


Well, thanks, Captain Obvious. This may seem like everyday knowledge, but it is surprising how most people are unaware of how undersleeping can affect their yoga performance or just their performance in general. A good night’s sleep will replenish your energy you need to get you through the day. You may feel like five hours is enough for you. But after hitting the mat, you’ll realize that you just need to get more sleep. 

Overdoing It 

A man doing Plank Pose for his yoga session, stretching his capability even in pain.

Anything too much is not good. Yoga is a form of soft exercise that has levels. If you’re a beginner, you have to start with a beginner’s technique, and you work your way up from there. And if you do advanced yoga when you are just starting, your body will take the hard blow. 

Incorrect Pose or Incorrect Type of Yoga

When you are doing an incorrect type of yoga, there is a great chance that you are doing the incorrect pose. So you will try to compensate for the awkward position you are in, and it can be exhausting to your body. 

You are Building Strength

With any physical activity, be it yoga or basketball, you build up strength as you go along. And before you get stronger, your body will undergo the tired and fatigue stage as you exceed your limit each practice. 


Feeling tired is a normal thing for someone who just had your first yoga lesson, or maybe you just came back to practicing yoga after a long hiatus. You’re doing something that your body is not used to, and it still needs to adjust. 

But is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Whether your tiredness is a good thing or not, It depends. If the reason for it is that you are overexerting your effort to satisfy a level that you’re not supposed to practice, it can potentially be a bad thing for you. But being tired after a yoga session can be a good thing as well. It may indicate that you are growing as a yogi and building your muscles and strength for a more complex practice. And your mind clears up and focuses as you release all the stressful energy you have. Healthy yoga practice is definitely a good thing. 

Improving Your Energy After Yoga

Practice at the Right Time

A morning person doing her daily yoga routine at her preferred time of day when she feels most energized.

Considering the time of day you practice yoga can improve your energy. If you are a morning person, do practice in the morning as your body feels more energetic at that point. And if you feel that you are more active at night, then base your practice on the most energetic time.

Get Enough Sleep

You may feel like 5 hours will be enough to work around your tight schedule. But getting 7-9 hours of sleep in a day will fuel you with enough energy for the tasks you need to do and extra for when you decide to squeeze in some yoga practice in between. 

Practice the Right Type of Yoga

The right yoga type can still be a challenge, but not so much to leave you feeling tired and spent after the session. If you prefer slow and gentle classes, take the Yin class. Or take classes like Vinyasa or Ashtanga if you are active. Taking into account your level of performance, the correct type of yoga will help you get the optimal benefits of the practice. 

Watch What and When You Eat

In any exercise, you do not eat right before you do it as your body will need to focus on digesting what you consumed, making you too tired even to do anything. A light food intake at least two hours before your practice will give you enough time to rest and digest.  

Tips to Make Sure Yoga is Right for You

Just like how I strongly feel against running as I always lose my footing or would always be on the verge of fainting, maybe yoga is not your cup of tea. Here are some things you can ensure yoga is suitable for you and you are right for it. 

Check in with Your Body

A yoga beginner in Lotus Pose with praying hands, tuning in to her body during a meditative yoga session.

Your body speaks. Listen to the simple signs your body may be telling you. There may be a certain yoga pose that you just find more taxing than most, which could indicate that your body is not yet ready for it. 

Tune in with Your Breathing

Just like how doctors tell if you have trouble breathing, you will hear yourself breathe with the silence you experience in yoga. And if you feel like your breathing becomes ragged, your body could be telling you that you are going way beyond your limit. Knowing when to rest and relax is just as important as achieving the perfect pose.

Back to Basics

When you are still testing the waters, it’s best to go over the fundamentals first before going in-depth in practice. Doing the basic yoga practice will give you a sense of the amount of focus and effort you will commit to. And get in touch if you feel that it is the proper workout for you. 


Yes, yoga may sometimes feel like you need an insane amount of energy to perform, and yes, you will be spending your energy with the practice. However, to most yogis, it’s the negative energy you release when you do yoga, and in the end, you are left with the positive energy.