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Peloton bikes are some of the world’s favorite stationary bikes. When it’s hot outside or you simply don’t feel like going out, Peloton Bikes are the perfect solution: you can still get exercise while staying comfortable in your own home.

Because of that, Peloton Bikes are extremely popular and sought after. On the same note, they’re also quite expensive, too. To combat that, though, you can try buying a used Peloton Bike online instead.

It isn’t always easy to find the right place to buy a used Peloton Bike, but we have you covered. Below, you’ll find all the reasons to buy a Peloton, as well as where to find used ones, and even how to get it safely to your home. All of this will make purchasing your used stationary bike a breeze.

Why Buy a Peloton?

First, you want to ask yourself why you want to buy a Peloton in the first place. Right now especially, many of us are turning to at-home workouts to keep us in shape while still feeling safe and comfortable. Pelotons do just that.

These premium stationary bikes work with digitally enhanced technology to give you a comprehensive ride all in the comfort of your own home. Though they can be expensive, it’s more than worth it to get some energy out and work those muscles.

Pelotons are so much more advanced than your typical stationary bike. With a Peloton, you can connect to Spotify and listen to your favorite customized playlists. Along that same line, Pelotons offer live and on-demand workout videos for you to follow along. You’ll feel as though you’re in class, pedaling along with a trainer, all while you’re safely in your house, apartment, or even back deck.

Along with these videos and music connections, many people turn to Peloton Bikes for their ability to track your progress and make fitness goals. These bikes track your heart rate, how many calories you’ve burnt, and even compares to a worldwide leaderboard.

All of this keeps you motivated and ready to kill your workout. All in all, Peloton Bikes are so much more advanced than the stationary bike you’d find at your gym. For that, people are turning to these bikes every day.

However, not everybody wants to pay full price for a brand-new Peloton. A brand-new Peloton Bike can cost you thousands of dollars, no matter what version you get. However, used Pelotons seemingly cut that price in half. And we’re here to help you find just the right places to look.

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Our Favorite Sites

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find used Peloton bikes online. Here are some of the few sites where you can find these premium exercise bikes.


If you’re looking for a great used Peloton Bike, try turning to eBay. This is one of the few places where people turn to sell their Peloton Bikes after they’ve finished with them.

eBay is a bidding site, so the prices for these used exercise bikes can start hundreds of dollars lower than what you’d find elsewhere. From there, others may bid on the bike to raise the price, but if it gets out of your range, simply drop out of the bid and wait for the next one.

eBay is an incredibly popular e-commerce site still today, and new listings are posted all the time. Keep an eye on the used Peloton section and see what’s available each day. On eBay, you can talk directly with the seller to see how much wear and tear the Peloton Bike has experienced.

No matter what, these bikes are likely going to be very well-used, but pelotons are also known for being extremely durable. This means that even if your bike has had a few years of use, it’ll probably still be in great shape and perfect for miles and miles of bike riding.

Simply inquire about any obvious damage, and the seller can even send you pictures if you’re curious. Simply put, eBay is a great spot to look for used Peloton Bikes that will have your mind and body thriving.


People all over the country turn to Craigslist to sell their used Peloton Bikes quickly and efficiently. Craigslist works by compiling listings from people in your area, so you see what those within just a few miles from you are selling.

These used Peloton Bikes are often priced at much lower than what you’d find elsewhere, allowing you to save some cash while still buying one of the best stationary bikes that exist. Even if the seller posts about a Peloton at a certain price, you may be able to negotiate to purchase for even cheaper. Or, maybe you have something yourself that they’d be willing to take for the bike. Trades are incredibly common on Craigslist, so it can’t hurt to inquire.

Simply search for any type of Peloton that you’re hoping for, and see what people in your area have to offer. You might be surprised at how many Pelotons are for sale, and you’ll find various price options to appeal to your budget.

By buying a Peloton in an area near you, you also don’t have to worry about expensive shipping fees or hassles with deliveries. Instead, you can organize a safe meet-up space for you and the seller to exchange the bike. Keep in mind that these bikes are quite hefty, so ensure that you have enough cargo space to handle taking your Peloton home.

Facebook Marketplace

Sometimes, you don’t even have to look far to find your perfect used Peloton Bike. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to look for an affordable used Peloton Bike, and you don’t have to travel far to find it all.

Facebook Marketplace works with those in your area and nearby neighborhoods to post listings of all sorts. Whenever someone is moving or having a yard sale, they often post their biggest items or anything that doesn’t sell on Facebook Marketplace for others to see. Used Peloton Bikes may be more common than you’d think on Facebook Marketplace, so start searching!

Even if no one is currently selling a Peloton Bike, you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye out. Simply post that you’re looking to buy a used one, and you never know how they might be able to help. On here, they’ll be much cheaper than on a regular selling site, and you can work directly with sellers to negotiate price and place. The whole process is super straightforward and safe, so you can buy your used Peloton Bike with ease.


Download the app or log on to OfferUp’s website and see what people all over the country have to offer in terms of used Peloton Bikes. OfferUp is one of the most popular buying and selling websites, allowing people to work one-on-one to buy exactly what they need at prices that work for them.

On OfferUp, you have the option to look for items from those in your area, or you can look further and work out a shipping deal with your seller. This will cost you a bit more, but with the low price of used Peloton Bikes in general, you’ll hardly even notice a difference.

People post on OfferUp every day, so you always have new options to look through when you log on. If there aren’t any current listings for Pelotons that you like, check back the next day and see what else has been posted.

OfferUp and their sellers will provide you with a comprehensive description of the used bike to help you understand exactly what you’re buying. Any scratches, dents, or damages must be reported, too. All of this gives you the best knowledge possible about your brand-new (used) Peloton Bike.

A look at a Peloton storefront with an advertisement on its glass window.

Peloton Themselves

As of right now, you can’t currently buy used Pelotons off of Peloton’s website. However, this is a clear path of theirs in the future. Peloton’s founder claims that he plans on creating a way to either be able to rent Pelotons or buy them used for a discounted price off of their website. He says that this won’t be available within the next year, but at least within five, the world of buying used or renting stationary bikes will be completely different.

So, while you do have to be a little patient to purchase directly from Peloton, their sentiments are hopeful. This lets us know that the ability to buy used or even rent is going to be more widely available in the future than ever before.

How to Transport Your Peloton

In the event that you’re going to pick up your used Peloton Bike after purchasing it online, you’re going to discover that transporting it isn’t incredibly easy.

These bikes are hefty and complex, so you must handle them with care and love when transporting them. When you’re picking up your Peloton from your seller, we recommend first removing parts like the pedals and touch screen before loading into a vehicle. Wrap these pieces in blankets to keep them protected during the move. Along with this, lower the handlebars as much as possible to keep the bike more compact.

Other small parts like the water bottle holder and sweat guard should also be removed before transport. In case you need help removing these (or putting them back on once they’re safe at home), here are some helpful videos. Again, these parts should be kept somewhere cushioned and protected to keep them from getting hurt during transportation. Blankets, towels, or even soft bags can do the trick here.

Instead of putting the Peloton in the car, set it on top if you can. Roof racks are ideal accessories for transporting your Peloton, as you don’t have to worry about damaging it when placing it in the back of your vehicle. Make sure you secure it extra tightly when on the roof of your car or SUV.

When doing this, make sure you have extra help. As we mentioned, Peloton Bikes aren’t your typical lightweight bike. Instead, they’re heavy, have various parts, and require careful handling to stay pristine. Moving time is highly suggested, but if you can’t afford this, you and your strongest friends (as well as the biggest vehicle) should be able to get the job done.

If you’ve bought your used Peloton online and are having it shipped right to your house, make sure that it comes with all of the parts and pieces once it arrives. Put it together carefully, ensuring that even the smallest components were included in your package. If not, get in contact with the seller immediately.

Enjoying Your Ride

All in all, buying a used Peloton Bike online can be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Not only are these bikes much more affordable when pre-owned, but they’re great for your health overall.

You’re working so many muscles in your body, all while being nice and comfortable right at your own home. These premium stationary bikes simply take your at-home exercise routines to the next level. Taking the time to find the perfect used Peloton Bike online is more than worth it.

In case you want more information on the best exercise equipment or other ways of working out your body, Yoga Baron is bursting with information. Take a look at our blog to check out all of our other health and wellness posts. Soon, whether it’s through yoga or your Peloton Bike, you’ll be feeling your absolute best.