A set of dumbells on the floor with a barbell.

If you’re used to hitting the gym, but you aren’t able to right now, and you’re starting to feel it, or if you just don’t want to pay a monthly membership fee, what better time than now to set up your own home gym.

You can work out without feeling embarrassed if you’re a novice, you can conveniently go to the gym anytime the mood hits, and best of all you don’t have to worry about accidentally driving past it on your way home from work. Having a well-equipped home gym removes all your excuses for meeting your fitness goals.

In the past, a home gym set-up included a treadmill and a pair of light hand weights, unless you were a serious bodybuilder. With the recognition of weight lifting as one of the best ways to meet your health and fitness goals, a good set of weights and a barbell is a crucial part of any home gym setup.

Home workout equipment can be pricey, but there are ways to save money. You can buy used barbells and dumbbells online for a fraction of the price you can purchase them for new. We’ve put together a list of online shops where you can find used weights to save you time and get you started on your home gym journey.

The Benefits Of Weightlifting

You might be wondering if you really need weights in your home gym. The answer is a resounding yes! Cardio is important for maintaining heart and pulmonary health, but the benefits of weight lifting can’t be denied.

  • Resistance training helps promote bone health. The forces exerted by lifting weights force your bones to become stronger in response. This is especially important as we age since bone density decreases. Resistance training is also beneficial to women who are at an increased risk for osteoporosis.
  • It can help you lose weight and maintain weight loss. The go-to exercises for people trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight have typically been cardio. However, weight lifting should be part of your training program as well. After completing weight lifting exercises your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate. The muscle built during weight training also helps burn fat more quickly and effectively. Changing your body’s composition by building muscle will make your body seem tighter and more compact although you may not be seeing major weight change initially.
  • Weight training can help with your posture and balance. This is all dependent on you practicing good form. Muscle imbalances can result in painful joints, resistance training can address these imbalances.
  • Resistance helps make everyday tasks easier. As you build strength and endurance, everyday activities like carrying groceries, maintaining your house, and walking upstairs are easier.
  • It improves flexibility and helps your body maintain mobility. The motions involved in lengthening and contracting your muscles during the different phases of weighted exercises strengthen supporting muscles helps keep joints fluid and mobile and lengthens muscles. This helps keep your body mechanics functioning properly and can help prevent joint and mobility issues later in life.
  • It just feels good. Lifting weights releases endorphins which play a role in helping you feel good. Science aside, the satisfaction of completing a good weightlifting session can’t be beaten.

Don’t be afraid to pick up some weights. It may be in your best interest to have some sessions with a personal trainer, to help ensure you have good form, before starting a weight routine. This may sound expensive, but many trainers offer session packages at reasonable prices. You may even find that having a trainer is the motivation you need.

A woman exercising with a dumbell.

Where To Buy Used Barbells Online

You’ve cleared the space, you have a routine you’re wanting to try, now you just need to find the equipment. There are plenty of online sources for used barbells and dumbbells online, and you can likely outfit your home workout area without ever leaving your house.


OfferUp is an online marketplace and an excellent site for sourcing used items. Used weights are abundant on the site, along with the accessories that go along with them, such as pads. The listings you are shown are all items that will be found locally to you.

Some sellers may be willing to negotiate on price or even accept items in trade. Since these are local sellers you may need to arrange to pick the items up yourself.


When looking for used items, don’t forget to check eBay. This massive site is excellent for finding used (or new) items. You can narrow your search results by searching for the specific barbells or dumbbells you are looking for.

You can enter a price limit, and decide whether you want to take a chance on items that are up for auction. You can also choose to search only for items that are available for immediate online purchase.

Facebook Marketplace

Like a community classified list, Facebook Marketplace will show you listings for used weight sets that are being sold by people near you. Facebook marketplace is excellent for finding a bargain.

Many posters are trying to get rid of unused items in a hurry and will be willing to work with you on the price. With the right seller, you may even be able to convince them to accept a trade.

A woman exercising in the gym with a dumbell.

Primo Fitness USA

If you’re looking for an amazing deal on used commercial-grade gym equipment, Primo Fitness is the site for you. They sell barbells and plates, as well as dumbbells which are sold in pairs or can be found in complete sets. They even offer packages of equipment to fully outfit your home gym. They run specials weekly and will provide you with a shipping quote without any obligation on your part to purchase.

Show Me Weights

This St. Louis based fitness equipment supplier specialized in commercial and commercial grade equipment.

Show Me Weights has a large selection of pre-owned equipment for you to choose from. Items are always being added, so if you don’t see what you want, check back to view their new inventory.

Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports is a nationwide used sports equipment retailer. Each location is individually owned, and you have the option of shopping online and picking them up locally or searching at stores other than the one closest to you and having it shipped to you.

Barbell Sales.com

This retailer of used commercial gym equipment doesn’t just specialize in used equipment. Barbell Sales also sells vintage gym equipment.

They have used barbells for sale, plates, and selections of dumbbells as well. They ship nationwide and have an inventory that is constantly rotating.

A man exercising in the gym with a couple of dumbells.

Revalue Fitness

This retailer buys and sells used gym equipment. You can purchase full sets of dumbells for a great value, along with barbell sets and racks.

Revalue Fitness’ stock fluctuates as they receive more items, so if you keep an eye on the site, you will be able to see their new stock as it comes in.

Fitness Equipment Empire

This fitness supplier sells both used commercial and home gym equipment. They have large selections of dumbbell sets and barbells, which are constantly rotating as they get in items that are traded.

Fitness Equipment Empire ships worldwide as well as offering options for local pickup and delivery. In addition to used items, they also have an “as is” section. These are items that are in good working condition that has not been refurbished and may show signs of wear.


For weightlifters in Australia, Gumtree is a platform for private sellers to list items for sale. Like Facebook MarketPlace it is essentially an e-yardsale. Selection is limited since what you can find is based on what people are selling at any given time.

Setting Up Your Workout Area

You may already have a workout set-up and just needed barbells and dumbbells to finish it off. If you are new to a home gym, or even just a home workout area, this section is for you.

Before you get started on your new home workouts, make sure you have everything you need in your home gym. You can achieve amazing results with minimal equipment but there are a few things it’s good to have on hand.

Think about installing rubber flooring or mats. This helps with shock absorption and also keeps your weights from being damaged if you have your equipment set up on a concrete floor. Floors can be a large expense.

A woman exercising with dumbells at home.

Until you get flooring or mats, keep a yoga or exercise mat in your gym, this will add extra cushion if you are doing workouts that require getting on the floor, and take some strain off your knees and back if you’re doing exercises that require jumping or running in place

Some people are uncomfortable with watching themselves, but this is something that you will need to overcome if you want to achieve results. Mirrors are necessary for you to check and correct your form, and ensure that you are doing your exercises correctly. The correct form helps prevent injury and gets you the most effective results.

If you’re working out in your own personal space, you don’t need to worry about keeping the music down and using headphones. You can blast anything you want through the stereo or Bluetooth speaker that you keep in your gym.

Music can help you go harder during a workout, help time pass more quickly, and there are studies that show that working out to music is more effective than workout without a soundtrack.

Get a workout bench if you do not already have one. This increases the number of exercises you can do and allows you to work your muscles from different angles. Even if you are working within a small space, you can find benches that fold up and can be stored easily.

Now that you have your dumbbells and your barbell, it’s time to get started! With just these two pieces of equipment, you will start feeling stronger in no time at all.

In addition to strength training, keeping your muscles flexible, and your mind focused is an important part of overall health and wellness. Yoga is an excellent addition to any workout routine. For online yoga classes that may interest you, take a look here.