A man in a tank top and yoga shorts practicing yoga on a mat inside a studio.

Hot yoga is an intense style of yoga performed in a humid and warm studio. It offers a lot of benefits, which entices thousands of people to try this form of exercise, including men.

But unlike their female counterparts, male yogis often have difficulty finding the proper attire for hot yoga. This is due to the lack of information and clothing options online.

As such, the question “What should I wear to hot yoga?” remains one of the top things male yogis probably ask themselves.

We will aim to answer this query today. Read on as we discuss the correct yoga clothes for men and what to bring to a hot yoga class.

What Do Guys Wear to Hot Yoga

Like women, male yogis must be mindful when looking for the appropriate attire for hot yoga. You should cover specific areas of your body but still feel comfortable in class. Below are several clothing options to guide you.


Some yoga practitioners think that a shirt is optional for men. Going topless will keep you cool and comfortable during a hot yoga session.

But if you opt to wear tops, go with a polyester or spandex t-shirt. These materials dry very fast and wick away sweat, making them ideal for hot yoga. Mesh or cotton blended with polyester are also great options. 

Got no time to shop for one? Consider looking at our top picks below. These t-shirts are made of comfortable fabrics, suitable for hot yoga!

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Tank Tops

You can also wear tank tops and muscle shirts to hot yoga. These sleeveless tops allow you to move freely and stretch your body thoroughly. And compared to shirts, they have a tighter fit for better showing body angles and alignment. 

Remember to look for a tank top with cotton, polyester, or spandex material. These offer breathability and comfort during a hot yoga class.

The products listed below meet all the criteria for a hot yoga class. Consider checking them out if you want to ensure a comfortable and fun experience.

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Yoga Shorts

As for the bottoms, men can wear yoga shorts made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics in a hot yoga class. 

It is essential that these are form-fitting instead of loose to prevent wardrobe malfunction (yes, it can happen to guys, too!) and getting caught on things. At the same time, your bottom wear should not be too tight that it restricts blood flow.

Regarding the length, it entirely depends on you. You can either choose mid-thigh shorts or a knee-length one, as shown below. It really comes down to your overall comfort and mobility.

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Running Shorts

Chances are you already have running shorts or any kind of athletic shorts on your wardrobe. Fortunately, you can wear this piece of clothing to a hot yoga class.

Running shorts usually feature a breathable and stretchy fabric with anti-odor properties. They offer ease of movement, thus allowing you to perform those complex yoga poses.

Like any yoga bottom wear, you may want a form-fitting kind for optimal comfort. If you got loose-fitting shorts, make sure to wear supportive briefs underneath for protection.

And in case you still do not own a pair of running shorts, you can choose from our hand-selected options below. Both these products already have built-in mesh briefs for comfort and support.

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Yoga Pants

Yogis usually perform hot yoga in a room with a temperature of at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, most participants, including men, prefer shorts over pants.

With that said, guys can also wear yoga pants to a hot yoga class. Just look for a fabric that is breathable and cool enough.

Consider yoga pants made of polyester, spandex, or nylon material. The following products are perfect for hot yoga since they are comfortable and stretchable.

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What To Bring To a Hot Yoga Class

Besides clothing, most men probably also wonder about the things required in hot yoga. Below are the essentials you need when attending a hot yoga class.

Yoga Mat

Although you can always rent a yoga mat at the fitness center or studio, you cannot always ensure its quality. Not to mention, some might be stinky and beaten up from extended use.

It is best to buy your own yoga mat instead. 

Look for one that is non-slip and easy-to-wash as you will be sweating a lot during hot yoga. You must also consider an odor-free yoga mat to prevent that nasty smell you get from perspiration.

Are you looking for the best mats for hot yoga? Check out the products below. Both have a non-slip and odorless design for a more comfortable hot yoga experience.

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Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are also available in most fitness centers and studios. But like yoga mats, it is recommended to bring your own to a hot yoga class.

These yoga props help with alignment and provide extra support to yogis with limited flexibility. 

The best yoga blocks for hot yoga are durable, lightweight, and non-slip. The following products meet these criteria, so be sure to check them out!

Manduka Cork Yoga Block, Resilient Material, Portable Fit & Easy to Grip, Comfortable Contoured Edges, 9 x 6 x 4 in

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No one wants to slip on a mat during a hot yoga session! In some instances, a non-slip yoga mat is not enough to keep you steady.

To ensure further stability, consider getting a yoga-specific towel. Look for a microfiber one with a non-skid and quick-drying quality.

Feel free to look at the products below. They can help you prevent sliding over your mat during hot yoga.

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Water Bottle

Water is a must when performing hot yoga! Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle to your class.

Any tumbler will do. But if you want to keep your drink cool, it is best to buy an insulated one.

Consider getting the following products. Both are vacuum-insulated and BPA-free to prevent a rusty taste on your water.

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What To Avoid in Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. But wearing the wrong clothes can take away all the fun and leave you uncomfortable.

It is best to avoid the following things below to ensure a satisfying hot yoga experience.

Loose Clothes

Although loose clothing might be cooler to wear, it can be uncomfortable during hot yoga. Not only do they slide up and get in the way of some inverted yoga poses, but they also keep your instructor from seeing your body alignment and form.

Layers of Clothing

There is no point in wearing a jacket over your shirt or leggings underneath your shorts to a hot yoga class. You will be sweating in all those layers of clothing, so it is best to avoid them.

Jogging Pants

Jogging pants with thick fabric are also a no-no when it comes to hot yoga. They can get pretty warm during class and possibly distract you from the lesson.


Like most yoga styles, hot yoga requires all participants to leave their shoes behind at the locker or door. Socks are acceptable but are not recommended for hot yoga since you might end up taking them off anyway due to the heat.


Man in a tank top and yoga pants practicing a yoga pose on a rubber mat indoors.


That sums up our guide on what men should wear to hot yoga!

Hopefully, our article and recommended products helped you determine the best men’s clothes for yoga.