A woman doing Plank Pose on a wooden surface outdoors in her black yoga leggings made of tricot fabric.

If you are new to yoga or possibly any sports, one of the things you would want to know is what tricot pants are. Who doesn’t love to take a morning stretch to get the day started? Or release some stressful energy after a busy day?

For every yogi, wearing a good set of activewear helps in making their workout comfortable. And tricot pants are just that. 

What are Tricot Pants?

From the French word tricoter, which means knitting, tricot pants made of tricot fabrics are super smooth, soft, and thin in texture. Fine yarns are knitted together to form vertical whales on the fabric and crosswise ribs on its back. 

Key Features

These pants are lightweight and stretchy, perfect as yoga pants or for other sports. The fabric adds to your comfort when doing all the yoga stretches and sport stretches that other materials can’t handle. 

The tricot fabrics are run-resistant, giving you a wrinkle-free fabric that drops down beautifully when you stitch it into a clothing item. They’re especially easy to wear for dancing, commercials, modeling, and athletic wear. 

Tricot Construction

Made a hybrid fabric, tricot construction consists of weaving and knitting the threads together. You get a tightly woven mesh fabric when the threads are tacked vertically to a loom and the evenly spaced weft threads laid over the warped ones. Then, you lay the fabric on another loom and pass it over the tacking threads, and you create an incredibly soft, tight-knit fabric.

Where is Tricot Fabric Used the Most?

Pants made of tricot fabrics are soft, smooth, sturdy, and durable. They are perfect for activewear clothing items as they do not restrict you from the extensive movements that you do in yoga or other sports. 

Have you ever done Downward-Facing Dog Pose with a corset wrapped around you? Or going to the gym and working out with denim pants on? Sounds hard, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Choosing the right workout clothes, especially the fabric, is essential in making sure you get a comfortable and breathable feel for maximum performance. 

A group of women doing Downward-Facing Dog Pose in lightweight, breathable activewear for an indoor yoga class.

The tricot fabrics are mainly for sportswear like swimming, underwear, gloves, and other sports accessories like wristbands, ankle bands, etc. You get the stretch and elasticity without worrying that your pants or workout clothes will rip. 

Why Should You Use Tricot Pants for Yoga and Workout?

In yoga or other workouts and sports, you do extensive stretches and movements that require clothing, especially pants, that can keep up and extend with you. And tricot pants are just that—stretchy, lightweight, and durable. They can stretch and recover like any other yoga pants, and they have the comfort of your night pajamas. 

Plus, exercising makes you feel out of breath as it is, and wearing tight and unbreathable clothes just make it way worse. But that does not happen with tricot pants as they have holes for ventilation, making your yoga or workout session breathable and airy. 

Recommended Tricot Pants

To make your shopping experience more manageable, you can check out these tricot pants for your next workout. 

1. adidas Women’s Essentials Tricotot Open Hem Pants

adidas Women's Essentials Tricot Open Hem Pants, Ink/White, Medium

These tricot pants from adidas are 100% recycled polyester tricot lining for an eco-responsible product. It has a drawcord on the elastic waist, allowing you to adjust the pant size to your liking. With these pants, you get to enjoy your activity with an easygoing vibe and comfort.

2. Under Armour Men’s Sportstyle Tricot Joggers

Under Armour Men's Sportstyle Tricot Joggers , Black (001)/White , Medium

Made with durable knit fabric, these tricot joggers have a smooth face and are soft inside to trap warmth. You get to enjoy a comfortable workout or yoga session as this wicks sweat and dries up pretty quickly. 

3. American Apparel Women’s Nylon Tricot Leggings

American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings, Black, Medium

The leggings adapt to fit your form and feature a great fit and stretch as spandex, making it perfect to wear for your yoga and gym session. With its unique range of colors, you get to add color to your workout. 


Every day, you move. And every day, you have to make sure you move comfortably and freely. Whether you stretch, run, swim, or dance, the suitable fabric will help you get moving. Make sure to pick the ones that match your pace.