Woman Using a Yoga Strap

Many people prefer using accessories and props during their yoga routine to help improve their posture and flexibility and to increase their movement. Most importantly, to extend their stretches and be able to stretch without any bodily restraints.

Just like with any other form of exercise, stretching is a key part of yoga as well. It helps prevent injuries and significantly increases a person’s fitness abilities.

One of the most effective yoga accessories for stretching and flexing is none other than yoga straps. These straps primarily help one get into and maintain complex and challenging yoga poses that are otherwise undoable. They are typically made of non-elastic cotton or nylon, ranging from 6 ft to 10 ft in length for increased flexibility and versatility.

Why Do You Need A Yoga Strap?

The benefits of owning and using a yoga strap are incredible. Whether you wish to try a new and advanced yoga pose or increase your ability to stretch, yoga straps will always come to your rescue. Here’s what yoga straps can do for you.

  • Help improve your alignment and form while maintaining relaxed shoulders and a long spine.
  • Help you learn how to balance and try inverted positions without compromising your form or posture.
  • Allow you to let go, greatly relax your body and release your back in an entirely new manner.
  • Extend your stretches and help perfect difficult yoga poses and postures.

Types of Yoga Straps

Back in the day, yoga straps were usually handmade and improvised. In today’s time, however, there is a great variety of commercial yoga straps that come in a plethora of different styles, types, designs, and fabrics.

The next time you go shopping for a yoga strap, this handy guide will help you get the best strap for yourself and the one that is right for you.

pete’s choice straps

pete's choice 2-Pack or 5-Pack Yoga Exercise Adjustable Straps 8Ft | Bonus eBook | with Durable D-Ring for Pilates & Gym Workouts | Hold Poses, Stretch, Improve Flexibility & Maintain Balance

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This is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use yoga straps. These straps feature an excellent combination of cotton handles and durable elastic. The 2-layered cotton webbing allows for an easy grip and provides you with firm and steady support for both your feet and hands. The durable elastic, on the other hand, easily stretch as you pull onto it.

The elastic part of the strap is almost 3.8 cm wide and is made from a combination of latex material and thick polyester that sits nicely on the skin. The strap also consists of symmetrical sewing on both sides, making it fully reversible. This means that you can flip the straps inside-out or the other way, as per your mood and requirement.

Pete’s Choice straps are available in three sizes; small medium and large. All three sizes are pre-measured so the small straps measure about 17-25 cm, the medium is 34-55 cm and the large size is 68-135 cm.

One of the best features of these yoga straps is that they come without any buckles. This eliminates all kinds of fuss and hassle because all you need to do is pick them up and get going!

Yogago Straps

These yoga straps are completely made from real, silky, and soft leather without any metal accessories. Double-sided leather is used to give the entire strap a very elegant look and an incredibly soft feel.

Both surfaces of the strap are made from leather that is bonded together and the ends are saddle stitched and hand-sewn. The total length of these yoga straps measures up to 2 m.

The straps have a slide loop design that ensures a great amount of friction and also makes them very flexible and adjustable. The loop ends also allow you to easily carry your yoga mat.

Akasha Yoga Straps

This is an incredible, one-of-a-kind yoga strap that helps you with all those tricky poses and stretches that you probably weren’t able to do before. These straps are handcrafted from pre-loved Guatemalan textiles that are uniquely exclusive to Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

The markets of Chichicastenango are super famous for their beautiful and elegant embroideries, striking modern geometric designs, and intricate floral patterns. They also have the most diverse collections and designs of Akasha yoga straps.

Like yogago straps, akasha straps also have a slide loop design with adjustable ends that allow the straps to be used as a convenient carrier for the yoga mat. In addition to easily transporting your yoga mats, this strap can also be used as an excellent yoga prop to correct your yoga poses and postures with great ease.

Clever Yoga Straps

Clever Yoga Yoga Strap – Durable Cotton Exercise Straps – Standard 8FT Or Extra Long 10FT Straps - Adjustable D-Ring Buckle Gives Flexibility for Yoga, Stretching & General Fitness– from

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These straps are designed to last forever, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Made with 100% organic durable and thick cotton, the clever yoga straps let you try new and complex yoga poses with great confidence. The top-quality cotton doesn’t slip at all, making the strap super sturdy and flexible.

These straps come in two lengths; 8 ft and 10 ft. The 8 ft yoga strap is great for basic beginner poses while the 10 ft strap is meant for advanced, less flexible, and taller yogis. A standout feature of these straps is the classic D-ring design that is exclusively made from great quality, strong and thick premium materials.

This unique design of the straps makes them ideal to be used for pilates or any other similar form of exercise that requires you to use a stretch band.

You might often see the clever yoga straps being used in physical therapy settings. This is because they ensure great flexibility and are excellent for stretching and physical rehabilitation.

Zen Yoga Straps

Zen Yoga Strap

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This is a unique 3-loop progress and yoga strap that provides easy progression through deep and complex stretches. It consists of a tapered handle that is extremely convenient that significantly improves flexibility and allows you to do different kinds of yoga poses with great ease. The handle also lets you stay in the stretch position for a longer period of time, further easing the tension in your hands, wrists, and fingers.

Zen yoga straps are made from 100 % cotton and have a 2-inch wide strap that is really comfortable on the skin, doesn’t dig into the shoulders, and is able to fit yoga mats of any size. The distinct design of the mat makes it perfect for all beginners as well as advanced athletes and yoga practitioners. You can also use two straps to do independent yoga poses or bind them together to create a strap extension.

Wrap It Up Yoga Straps

These yoga straps are designed to add a fun and entertaining vibe to your yoga sessions and practice. They are made from an up-cycled and heavyweight cotton material that creates increased flexibility and convenience. It comes with a large hand loop attached at both ends that makes it easier to hold and stretch the strap as per your requirement.

One of the best features of wrap-it-up straps is that they are 4-inch wide which gives the users a great amount of material to hold on to and stretch according to the particular yoga pose.

Tumaz Cotton Yoga Strap

Tumaz Yoga Strap with Adjustable D-Ring Buckle (6ft/8ft/10ft, Many Stylish Colors) - Best for Daily Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Fitness

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This yoga strap is one of the most popular and commonly used straps by most athletes and yogis. It is made from an unbleached, thick cotton material that is highly durable and strong. It comes with a newly-designed buckle that is extremely easy to use and provides a great amount of endurance.

The Mandula cotton yoga strap has an excellent ability to help users hold complex and challenging yoga poses, as well as deepen their stretches. The strap is available in two different lengths, 8 ft, and 10ft, both of which cater to any and every type of pose.

Hugger Mugger 10-Foot D-Ring or Cinch Strap

Hugger Mugger D-Ring Yoga Strap (Navy, 10 ft.)

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With ultra-durable and firm cotton webbing, the Hugger Mugger 10-Foot D-Ring or Cinch Strap is absolutely perfect for regular use. It is super long-lasting with a very secure and firm design. It comes with two different types of clasps the plastic cinch and the metal D-ring. The D-shaped buckle is adjustable and versatile and helps support all kinds of yoga poses and positions.

The plastic cinch, on the other hand, comes with a hook and loop material that you can easily clasp and hold together securely. This not only lets you carry your yoga mat but also allows you to use it for all skill levels, be it a beginner or advanced level. Apart from versatility and ease of use, the strap is also super stylish and colorful.

Using yoga straps is one of the best ways to greatly enhance your yoga practice, regardless of whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi practitioner. Apart from building flexibility and elasticity in the body, these straps also increase your strength, resistance, and your ability to withstand an increased amount of pressure and strain.