A woman smiling with her eyes closed while doing a yoga posture in a yoga studio decorated with a mandala yoga mat hanging on the brick wall.

Yoga has been a common practice for a good 5,000 years. Yoga is a practice for both the mind and the body that combines breathing techniques, physical postures, and meditation. It is a way to attain peace and calmness.

Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind. It helps you get rid of all the clutter in your mind and assists you in thinking clearly. Yoga significantly improves the capability to focus and concentrate.

When you are practicing yoga, you need to make sure that you have chosen a place that has the right environment and ambiance.

Yoga is all about relaxation, which is why a place that is quiet, neat, and clean is ideal for yoga. If you are planning to set up a yoga studio either at home or in a commercial setting, you may think that doing so is quite simple as a yoga studio needs not to have a lot of furniture. However, designing a yoga studio is not as easy as it may seem.

Despite the fact that yoga studios do not have a lot of furniture, there are certain features that have to be taken care of to ensure that you make the most of your studio.

Features to Look For

The interesting thing about yoga is that you need to be mindful of your practice in order to reap full benefits. In order to be able to achieve that level of focus, it is important that there are no distractions around. Anything could be a distraction during yoga; bright colors, extra furniture, bad lighting, etc.

If you are interested in setting up a yoga studio, the features listed below should be taken into consideration.

Ideal yoga studio


You have to make sure that the flooring is not too hard because you may not be able to concentrate or focus on your practice if you’re not comfortable. The floors should not be made of marble, concrete, linoleum, or vinyl. The ideal materials that the floor of a yoga studio should be made of are bamboo, hardwood, laminate, or cork.

To ensure that you and your students have a comfortable yoga experience at your yoga studio, providing mats or pads is a great idea.


Lighting plays a major role in the design and functionality of a yoga studio. Yoga is closely linked with nature owing to the relaxing and soothing effect nature has on the mind and soul. Therefore, you should try to incorporate as much nature into your yoga studio as possible-starting from lighting.

Natural light from the sun is the best option you can use to light up your yoga studio. Having large windows that allow sunlight to enter the room is a good way of doing it. Moreover, it would help you save energy costs.

Also, you have to make sure that the glass on the windows is frosted so that privacy is maintained.

Color Scheme

Using vibrant and saturated colors makes finding inner peace difficult. It is better to use soft, natural, and subtle colors that create a calm environment. You need to ensure that the color scheme is consistent throughout.

Too much variety can cause too much distraction which is something you don’t want in a yoga studio.

Other than the major features mentioned above, aromatherapy and soft, soothing music is always a plus point for yoga studios because they help you relax.

Types of Wall Art for Yoga Studio

Now that you have gone through the basics, let’s move onto the tricky part: the wall art for a yoga studio. Just like any room decor, yoga studio decor is important to finish the look. As much as the yoga studio should have minimal decor, the right decor can take your yoga studio to the next level.

Choosing wall art for a yoga studio can be tricky but the wall art ideas perfect for a yoga studio listed below can help you make the most of your space. Just like wall art for living rooms and dining rooms are different, the wall decor of a yoga room is completely different from the decor of all other rooms.

1. Inspirational Wall Art

You wouldn’t be very pleased if you walk into a yoga class with plain, bare walls so why would you give your students such an experience when they enter your yoga studio? Hanging some inspirational quotes on the walls is a great way to keep yourself and everyone coming to your yoga studio motivated. Yoga is not as easy as one may think it is and it requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and motivation. Inspirational quotes can really make a difference.

Removable Vinyl Sticker Mural Decal Art Decor Namaste Word Phrase Quote Yoga Studio Business Poster Peace Meditation Sign Logo SA135
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2. Yoga Terms Wall Art

Having a wall art with a purpose is another great wall art idea. If you want your students to know basic terms used in yoga, then displaying these terms on the walls of your yoga studio is a great way of educating without actually teaching. Not just learning, it also serves the purpose of wall art that would look amazing!

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3. Soothing Wall Art

Soothing wall art is ideal for a yoga studio. The more soothed you feel, the better you will be able to concentrate. A piece of wall art with soothing colors would also go well with a subtle and soft theme that is usually kept in yoga studios.

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4. Lotus Flower Wall Art

Lotus flower is closely related to yoga and a yoga studio would be incomplete without the display of this very important natural element. If you have been doing yoga for some time, you would know about the lotus pose but have you ever thought about the concept of incorporating this particular flower into yoga?

Lotus flowers grow at the bottom of ponds and streams and rise above the surface of the water where they bloom. They represent being grounded to earth but aspiring for the divine. Lotus flower wall art will remind you and the students in your yoga studio about this basic concept that is highly significant in yoga.

Lotus Flower With Om Sign Yoga Wall Decals Vinyl Mandala Flower Home Decor Art Vinyl Sticker (Black,xs)
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5. Yoga Poses Wall Art

To uplift the interior and the mood of your yoga studio, displaying popular yoga poses would surely spruce the look up! It would not just go well with the purpose of the studio but would look aesthetically pleasing as well. For anyone looking for inspiration, the display of yoga poses on the yoga studio walls would do the job right!

Piuyen Removable Vinyl Mural Decal Quotes Art Vinyl Wall Decal Wall Stickers Art Decor Yoga Poses for Yoga Room Gym
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6. Mandala Wall Art

Mandala is a concentric symbol that represents the universe. It is often used in spiritual teachings. It helps in achieving focus, establish a sacred space, and also helps in medication. It stands for wholeness and unity and inspires calmness and peace.

Mandala symbol includes intricately designed circles and different geometric figures but they are a lot more than just a bunch of geometric shapes. When you focus your vision and mind on a Mandala, your attention will be channelized inwards and consciousness will be heightened, which would greatly help you feel united with the universe.

Displaying a single Mandala symbol or various ones on the walls of your yoga studio would help you and the students at the studio enter a peaceful state quicker, making the yoga experience a lot more spiritual and effective. The colors would also make the interior of your studio look alive!

Mandala Wall Decal Mandala Decal Yoga Om Namaste Yoga Decor Wall Vinyl Decal Lotus Interior Home Decor Meditation Mandala Wall Art Wall TT2644
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7. Chakra Symbol Wall Art

The 7 Chakra symbols are very significant in yoga and meditation. They represent 7 locations of the human body and mind that are supposed to work in harmony in order to bring wholeness and health. They are used in decor for yoga and meditation studios very commonly as they serve as a visual centerpiece.

Not to forget the colors they bring into the decor. The display of 7 Chakra symbols would not only solidify the theme of your yoga studio but would also make wonderful wall art!

Kundalini Chakra Ladder
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8. Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paintings make stunning wall art, no matter what room you are decorating them in. When we talk about yoga studio wall art, watercolor paintings in soft colors that go well with the theme of the studio will make super classy wall art. Numerous watercolor paintings are available that are especially for yoga and meditation spaces.

Watercolor paintings bring plain and boring walls to the best possible use by making them simply attractive.

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9. Buddha Painting

Yoga is an ancient practice that was developed to achieve harmony between soul and heart all with divine enlightenment. It has been practiced in different religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. When you are designing a yoga studio, what wall art could be better than one that could touch on the origins of this practice?

Adding wall art that depicts the history and roots of yoga will not just make a wonderful wall art but will make the yoga experience knowledgeable and enjoyable at the same time. A colorful Buddha painting is one of the examples that can be used for yoga studio wall art.

Buddha Meditation Watercolor Art Print - 8x10 Unframed Photo - Perfect Gift for Yoga or Zen Enthusiasts - Chic Home or Studio Decor
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10. Scenic Paintings

Anything that can soothe you can be used as wall art for the yoga studio. Nature can soothe you like nothing else and that is why beautiful scenic paintings are such a great wall art idea for yoga studios. Having one wall dedicated to large-sized scenery will not only make your yoga studio beautiful but will also help you cool your nerves down, relax, and get in the mood for inner peace.

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11. Vintage Wall Art

Anyone who practices yoga knows a thing or two about it. Nobody jumps into it without prior knowledge and that is why there are certain things that can intrigue a yoga lover. A vintage wall art featuring yoga symbols and terms is something that may not attract everyone but a yoga lover would love it as they will know its meaning.

Displaying art like this on the yoga studio wall will make great wall art. Not only does it align with the purpose of the room but also looks attractive!

Upcycled Dictionary Wall Art Print - Vintage 8x10 Unframed Photo - Great Gift For Meditation and Yoga Lovers - Chic Home Decor - Hamsa Hand of Fatima
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12. Teach Peace Wall Decal

Yoga is all about peace. The purpose of yoga and meditation is to achieve a state of inner peace that makes you disconnected from the rest of the world. With that objective, a wall decal saying Teach Peace is the best wall art for yoga studios. It gives a yoga studio a minimalist look, yet says out the purpose of yoga aloud.

Teach Peace Large Quote Decal Sticker Wall Vinyl Art Home Room Decor Inspirational Motivational Beautiful Love
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13. Yoga Print Set

If you want to keep the overall look of your yoga studio simple and elegant, a yoga print set is something that you would like. A yoga print set consists of a series of framed pictures related to yoga like yoga symbols (Mandala or lotus flowers), Buddha, or any terms associated with yoga.

The yoga studio is an area that is designed with a specific purpose, for a specific group of people, and therefore, it is important that you stick to the theme rather than adding random wall decor to a yoga studio.

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14. Hamsa Hand Colorful Painting

Like mentioned earlier, a yoga studio should be not overwhelmed with colors. The colors should be kept light and soft so that they radiate calmness. The primary requirement of yoga is that it should be done someplace quiet, calm, and peaceful that has no distractions.

This is the reason why yoga studios do not contain too much furniture. That shouldn’t keep you from decorating your walls.

The addition of wall art to a yoga studio, like any other room, is important to give it a finished look. What better idea than using one of the Yoga symbols as wall art like a Hamsa symbol? It not only goes well with the purpose of the room but adds just the perfect amount of color to the walls!

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15. Black and White Yoga Posters

If you think adding colorful wall art to your yoga studio would cause distraction, you can always opt for black and white wall art. Monochrome wall art looks decent, sophisticated, and formal. A yoga studio has to have peaceful and calming vibes and monochrome art has just that!

KLVOS 4 Piece Framed Black and White Yoga Painting Poster Zen Life Canvas Prints Picture with Lotus Flower Contemporary Wall Art Modern Home Decoration Girl Gift 16
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16. Floating Shelves

Aromatherapy can help you soothe down. If you don’t know what aromatherapy is, it is basically a means of therapy with the help of aroma. Scented candles are very commonly seen in yoga studios for this very reason.

However, you cannot risk placing candles directly on the floor, majorly because of two reasons- the floor is usually made of wood, and yoga is done on yoga mats, both of the materials can catch fire. For this reason, wall-mounted shelves are needed.

Wall-mounted shelves in yoga studios do not just serve as a storage space for smaller items like scented candles, but they are a great way of utilizing empty walls. Floating shelves are available in many designs and are a popular wall decor idea, no matter which room you are decorating.

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17. Wall-Mounted TV Consoles

TVs are not usually found in yoga studios. However, if you are running a yoga studio that also offers education on yoga for beginners, a television set can really help. The beginners can follow the demonstrations of different yoga poses on the TV and learn yoga quicker.

To keep furniture to a minimum, the TV is usually mounted on the wall, followed by a TV console that too, is mounted on a wall below the TV. This serves as an aid to beginners and is a great way to bring a blank wall in use- not to forget the fact that a wall-mounted TV looks super classy!

Floating Shelf Floating Shelf Wall TV Cabinet Wall Background Storage Shelf Open Shelf with Drawer for DVD Satellite TV Box Cable Box (Color : B, Size : 120CM)
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18. Wall Mounted Cabinet/ Shelf

Wall-mounted cabinets are extremely essential for a yoga studio. They serve as a storage space for yoga mats, pads, and yoga accessories. Yoga space should not be cluttered or messy.

The cleaner and more organized a yoga space is, the better it is to practice yoga. Wall-mounted cabinets to house all the yoga accessories including mats, pads, towels, and cushions. Moreover, they do not take up any floor space. Above all, using stylish cabinets can also serve as great wall art for a yoga studio!

White Wall Mount Cabinet Bathroom Storage with Towel Bar
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19. Wall Mounted Planters

Having fresh plants in a yoga studio is a must! Yoga involves plenty of deep breathing exercises and therefore, natural air purifiers should be present. Moreover, plants can actually make you feel fresh and lively which is yet another reason why your yoga studio should have fresh plants. Numerous designs of wall-mounted planters are available that make incorporating plants in your yoga studio simpler.

You will find all types of planters-small or big, simple or stylish. Planters make wonderful wall decor. What could be better than having a wall decor that not just makes your yoga studio look better but also make yoga more effective?

WallGro Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter 4 Pack White
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20. Wood Lattice Screen Window

If your yoga studio has a window, why not transform it into wall art? Using a wooden window with latticework can do wonders on the interior of your yoga studio. Not only would it look stunning, but the filtered sunlight that would enter the yoga studio through the latticework would give the interior a warm and comfortable feel.

Natural light itself is important in a yoga space but with a wood lattice screen window, you will bring the level of your yoga studio up!

Antique Wood Screen Lattice Window
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21. Mandala Yoga Mat Wall Hanging

Wall hangings for yoga studios are quite different than the ones you would usually hang in your homes. While decorating walls of your yoga studio with wall hangings make sure you don’t deviate from the basic idea of yoga studio decor- simple and subtle. A Mandala yoga mat can be displayed on the wall of your yoga studio.

It would bring an empty, large wall into good use and transform the entire interior. The yoga studio would look a lot more specialized and dedicated to a certain purpose, and of course, we can’t stress enough how stylish it would look!

lightclub Mandala Bohemian Yoga Mat Beach Towel Shawl Blanket Indian Wall Hanging Tapestry Blue 150x150cm
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22. Chakra Symbol Wall Hanging

A wall hanging with Chakra symbol is another great wall art idea for a yoga studio. If you are not very welcoming to the idea of covering an entire wall with Chakra wall art (a painting or a wall decal), a simple wall hanging featuring Chakra symbols is good enough. Our suggestion is to include all the right elements in your yoga studio but avoid overdoing anything.

Always remember that a yoga studio should look open and neat and too much of anything can have s negative impact on the interior. A Chakra symbol wall hanging is just the perfect wall art idea for a yoga studio!

Chakra Man Blue Wall Hanging
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23. Mirrors

Wall-mounted mirrors are a great wall art idea for yoga studios. They have both a decorative and a functional purpose. Full-length, wall-mounted mirrors make the yoga room look bigger that gives out a sense of space that helps one in relaxing.

As far as functional use is concerned, you can practice different yoga poses in front of the mirror to get perfect in them. When you are able to see your postures, you will be able to adjust your position in a better way and get efficient in yoga poses sooner. Last but not the least, a wall-mounted mirror looks elegant and beautiful!

They make super elegant wall decor which makes them one of the favorite wall art ideas for yoga studios!

ElevensMirror Full Length Mirror Dressing Mirror Large Floor Mirror Wall-Mounted Mirror, High Polymer Material Frame, Hanging Leaning Against Wall (63
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Introducing Greenery to Yoga Studio

The effect of colors cannot be denied. The color green is a color of harmony, balance, and growth. It is the most common color that is seen in yoga studios.

With a bit of green color in the surrounding, the mood of the individual gets light automatically, and they feel a sense of peace and calmness washing over them.

With that said, we don’t want you to incorporate too much of this color into your yoga studio, because like too much of anything, green color can also be overwhelming. Try painting one of the walls of your yoga studio green or using green colored mats. Just a little of this color can create balance in the interior which is essential for any space where yoga is performed.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials for Yoga Studio

By using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, natural stone, and linoleum, you create an ambiance that brings you closer to nature. People who perform yoga are quite conscious of ecosystem preservation and prefer going to places that help them connect with nature. Yoga studios are the best place to relax and unwind and this makes the use of eco-friendly materials in the decor extremely important.

You can start with eco-friendly bamboo floors, eco-friendly wood shelves, etc. The more natural material you use in your yoga studio, the more yoga-friendly you can make your space.

Yoga takes you on a self-realization and self-improvement journey. With yoga being so important, it is essential that yoga space is made with a lot of thought. In desperation to make your yoga studio super stylish, a lot of people end up overdoing the decor which makes their yoga studio unsuitable for yoga.

The trick to an ideal yoga studio is to keep things simple, stylish, and natural!