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Are you getting a good deal on yoga equipment for your studio? Have you thought about selling yoga gear retail in your studio?

Your yoga studio needs yoga mats, supplies, and equipment to operate. Given your yoga studio buys in bulk, it’s only fair you get a wholesale discount. One yoga gear wholesale supplier who caters to yoga studios with great discounts and superior customer service is YogaAccessories.

Better yet, YogaAccessories gives you a no-risk opportunity to set up a yoga gear, equipment, and clothing store in your yoga studio.

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Why Sell Retail to Your Yoga Students?

The best reason is that your students expect it. When a yoga student wants a new yoga mat, they expect to be able to buy it at their yoga studio. The same goes for other yoga gear.

Clothing not so much – but your yoga students won’t be turned off. When your students want apparel, they’ll know where to get it. Setting up a small retail space is a way for you to generate more profits and a way to offer your students convenient yoga items.

The Biggest Hassle of Retailing Is …

Dealing with unsold inventory and losing money on unsold items. This is where YogaAccessories shines. You can return unsold items for a full refund within 30 days. There’s no risk for you to sell retail.

It gets better – once you are an approved wholesale buyer – there are no minimum quantity purchases.

What’s so great about no minimums? Awesome testing opportunity. No minimum purchases mean you can test all kinds of yoga products at one time. Those that don’t sell, return for a refund and try something else. In time you can stock only the best-selling items.

What Else Does YogaAccessories Offer?

  • If you find your purchase cheaper elsewhere, they’ll match it.
  • Fast shipping. Your orders are sent out the same day you place an order. This is good for you and your students.
  • Huge inventory of all things yoga. They sell yoga mats, straps, equipment, blankets, clothing, music, DVDs, books, kits, balls, towels, mat cleaners, and more. They are your one-stop-shop for providing you with discount yoga equipment to use in your studio as well as stocking your yoga store.
  • Lifetime warranty on mats.

Take advantage of a ready-made customer base who want to buy yoga equipment, gear, and clothing by offering it for sale in your store. Typically you would shoulder the risk by being stuck with unsold items, but not anymore.

YogaAccessories is willing to take the risk by refunding your inventory costs within 30 days. You get wholesale yoga prices for equipment, mats, clothing, supplies, and gear for your studio and to mark-up for retail with no risk. It’s just another way to build up your studio and create a long-term yoga business.

Set up your wholesale yoga account now.

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