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PrAna is an American brand that specializes in creating athletic gear for yoga, climbing, surfing, and other fitness enthusiasts all around the world. Created over 27 years ago, prAna is the brainchild of two hardworking individuals —Beaver and Pam Theodosakis— that wanted to enhance their fitness experience.

Started in a garage in Carlsbad, California, the sole purpose of this brand was to create gear for yoga, climbing, surfing, and other sports that was not only sustainable but also motivated everyone to go an extra mile when it comes to their fitness. All of this was successfully done while keeping the health of the environment in mind.

Today, the brand is still based in its hometown of Carlsbad, but it caters to larger consumers. It is popularly known for its t-shirts, leggings, tank tops, and everything needed for the ultimate yoga practice.

Although this brand can be a new name for those that are entering the world of yoga, prAna is a reliable brand. These 25 facts about prAna will allow you to open your eyes to this brand and see how and why it has become a favorite in the yoga world.

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1. The Brand Name Prana is an Ancient Sanskrit WordFemale experiencing prana

The name prAna was inspired by the Sanskrit word prana. Prana is a word used to describe life, breath, and positive energy in our spirits. The brand prAna has borrowed this word as the official name of their brand because it signifies what they want to achieve. The purpose of prana and prAna is to stay mindful –socially and mentally- while bringing in the efforts of creating a sustainable environment.

2. Prana, the Yoga Style, Goes Way BackFemale practicing prana

There are no written records of when prana was discovered. Although many consider the earliest reference of prana (also known as pranayama) to be found in the Chandogya Upanishad in 3,000 BCE, other references do not have it written with this date. According to other sources, pranayama appeared in yogic literature in approximately 700 BCE.

Since then, it has been considered one of the best yoga styles as it incorporates three –life, breath, and energy- and gets them in sync.

3. PrAna Has Been Certified By Fair Trade USAFair Trade logo

PrAna is the first North American company that owns products and accessories that have been certified by Fair Trade USA. PrAna sells its products at 5 flagship stores and online at https://global.prana.com/. The brand also has specialty retailers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

4. The Brand Started With Recycled Material At HomeRecycled materials

In 1992, Beaver and Pam Theodosakis did not have access to good athletic wear so they got the brilliant idea of creating yoga and athletic wear that would be fashion-forward and sustainable. Their first designs have homemade tags on them that were made with recycled paper. Their athletic gear was shipped in cardboard grocery boxes.

5. PrAna Tied Hands with Columbia Sportswear for $190 MillionColumbia Sportswear logo

In 2014, prAna became a part of Columbia Sportswear. The owner of Columbia Sportswear, Tim Boyle, states “We are very excited to welcome prAna to Columbia’s brand portfolio.” This will aid both brands in selling their products. While prAna will be getting economical support from its partner, Columbia Sportswear will simply aid the brand in becoming a brand that is internationally recognized.

6. Prana Got Much Needed Help from Columbia Sportswear

From 2010 to 2013, PrAna’s sales rates grew more than 30% and they were surely going to go over $100 million in 2014. But the $190 that the brand was offered is likely to equate 13 times more than prAna was projected to earn.

7. PrAna Is Helping Columbia Sportswear Sales As Well

After purchasing prAna, Columbia Sportswear has had an increase in their sales as well. This happened because both brands offer contrasting sports gear, but with the incorporation of both, there is a good balance. The kind of balance a consumer wants to see in a brand so they have a larger variety to choose from.

8. There Is Serious Competition in the Market

Yoga apparel and accessories

With everything it has achieved, prAna and Columbia Sportswear have serious competition in the market. Brands like Athleta, Lululemon, and Title 9 are creating athletic wear similar to prAna. Luckily, prAna surpasses everyone by incorporating clothing like skirts, dresses, jackets, pants, and shirts for men and women. Moreover, it has also started creating swimwear for both genders as well.

9. PrAna Has Had Some Great Achievements

Group of hands on top of each other (group concept)

In 2018, prAna reached its five-year goal of creating products that were made with 100% organic cotton. Their Fair Trade Certified factory usage has double and prAna created their most sustainable jacket ever, known as the Showdown Jacket. It is prAna’s goal to only create products that are not damaging the environment at any cost.

10. The CEO Bid Farewell To prAna

Paper with the word "resignation" written on it is handed by one person to another.

In mid-2017, Scott Kerslake resigned from prAna. Kerslake joined the company in 2009 and made it reach new levels of success, but resigned after a good 8 years.

11. PrAna Always Wants To Give More than It Takes

The masterminds at prAna believe that –even though- they are a big brand, they have a responsibility of giving more than taking. They have a strong commitment to sustainability, community, and doing everything right in the right way. The motive of prAna is to make everyone feel inspired and motivated with whatever they are doing in life especially when it comes to fitness.

12. It Wants To Bring a Positive Change through Clothing

Female standing on top of a rocky cliff facing the sunset.

PrAna believes that they are selling adventurous, free spirits instead of ordinary clothing while making less negative impacts on the environment. People should feel confident, happy, and comfortable in the clothing they are wearing without being detrimental to their surroundings.

13. This Brand Has a Positive Working Environment

People in a positive environment

PrAna employs hundreds of people that are working to create better products and accessories for people around the world while raising awareness. The employees at prAna get multiple facilities and some of them include getting dental, vision, and health insurance. They receive deep discounts on the “family of brands.”

They have the opportunity to get trained and become professional developers. Employees also get health savings accounts while having fair spending accounts. If they want, they can take part in community and volunteering services.

All of this while having a relaxed, laid-back working environment where each individual feels secure and positive. Each individual in the prAna team is talented and unique. Each one has the drive to make the world a sustainable place which makes the brand even better.

14. PrAna Works to Unite Likeminded People around the Globe

The reason why prAna is growing and continues to grow into a large community is because of the like-minded people that come together. It is a brand that resonates around people like yogis (including yoga teachers), climbers, surfers, athletes of all sorts, artists, and other free-spirited souls.

With this kind of support, the company manages to introduce products that allow everyone to feel positive and inspired.

15. Sustainability Is PrAna’s Core ValueFemale holding light bulb

PrAna is a brand that has gained popularity for being a brand that is environmentally conscious and extra stylish. It is a brand that caters to the needs of those consumers that are working towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

People of all ages, men, and women love and prefer buying from a brand like prAna because they are aware of the fact that sustainability is the core value. Along with being sustainable and environmentally friendly, it is a brand that makes clothes and accessories of the highest quality.

16. The Collaboration with Canopy Provides Protection to Forests

The purpose of collaborating with Canopy was to create products in the organization that would be made of natural forest-based fibers. Fabrics that are pulp-based are fueled by ancient or endangered forests. The result of this was strong, which is why prAna made the bold decision of removing generic rayon and viscose from all their products. Since 2015, they have been rayon and viscose-free.

17. They Make One of a Kind Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing

Each and every piece of clothing created by prAna has a different story to tell. Made with organic cotton of the highest quality, prAna has started a sustainable movement that is leaving everyone’s mind blown.

The organic cotton is being grown in their own fields and the plastic bottles found on beaches are being harvested, leading to each article that is unique in its own way. PrAna has proven to make a change with its clothing.

18. PrAna Gives You a Lesson On Being Sustainable

They believe that everyone can be sustainable by doing their part. Opt for rayon alternatives, choose organic cotton, consider products that are Fair Trade Certified, go for products that are cruelty-free, and look for water-resistant jackets that are PFC-free.

19. The bluesign ® Certificate Aids in Sustainability As Well

A bluesign® certificate allows prAna to aid in keeping the skies and oceans free from harmful chemicals while ensuring high-quality products. In 2012, prAna began working with bluesign® systems so they could create sustainable textile production by taking account of dangerous substances from the start while having high standards of chemical usage.

In simpler words, prAna is using “good chemicals” instead of bad ones.

20. This Brand Has So Much to Offer

PrAna offers a diverse range to all its consumers. This sustainable brand has a large variety to offer to their female clientele like t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, yoga gear, jackets, outerwear, pants, leggings, shorts, skirts, dresses, sports bras, and swimsuits.

It has also a diverse range for male clients to choose from like shirts, button-down shirts, performance shirts, sweaters, hoodies, outwear, jackets, pants, and shorts. It also offers scarves, bags, totes, hats, headbands, towels, and yoga accessories.

21. The Brand Has Created Special Zion Fabric Pants for TravelersPerson wearing zion fabric pants while jogging.

Made with a light, breathable, and durable fabric, the special zion pants are made for all those that are on the go and want to wear something comfortable. The special part about these pants is that these pants are true to size while providing a trendy look when you are hiking, climbing, or even just running. These pants can be worn as an everyday garment and still manage to look flawlessly amazing.

22. The Catalog Is a Whole New ExperienceOpened catalog

The prAna catalog is a whole new experience. Every month there is a new edition for you to choose from. All you have to do is request a catalog, become a member, and avail discounts. Moreover, just by signing yourself up as a prAna catalog reader, you can get email reminders of important events related to sustainability and the environment or prepare yourself for the awesome sales to come.

23. They Have Great Discounts!

If you are enjoying your shopping at prAna, you can avail a discount. By registering yourself up to receive a catalog monthly, you can avail a 10% discount on your purchases. If you want to share the experience with a loved one, you can send a gift card to them as well.

24. They Have An Immaculate Influencer Program

Actions speak louder than words, which is why prAna is creating apparel that allows you to make a difference with sustainable materials and ethical methods. If you are an applicant from the United States, it is your chance to become an influencer. You have the opportunity to become a living proof of sustainable living mixed in with fashion. Just by becoming an influencer, you can get sneak peeks and great discounts.

25. You Can Work for PrAnaGroup of individuals working together

PrAna is always on the search for individuals that are passionate and willing to make a difference. Whether you are a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast, artist, or just a free-spirited soul, you have the opportunity to become a part of the prAna family and help make a sustainable change in the world.


Designed for people that are passionate about making a change, prAna is the ultimate stop to shop for all your athletic attire. The best part is that while you are making a sustainable change, you will be looking fashion-forward.