A group of people doing a yoga pose in front of the sweeping mountain view.

Yoga can offer a wide range of benefits, including enhanced flexibility, relief for sore muscles, and an improved state of mind. While yoga can, technically, be practiced anywhere, nothing beats a yoga retreat.

Not only do yoga trips allow you to practice the ancient art itself without any distractions, but it gives you the opportunity to see the world and travel to destinations that you may have never ventured to before. So, read on to learn about the best places to visit for yoga retreats.

Factors to Consider Before Booking a Yoga Retreat

So you are interested in a yoga retreat? What should you do next? There are several things you should consider before booking your trip.

What is your experience level? Many yoga retreats specialize in beginners. Others are for the more hardcore yogis who like it hot! Look and see if it is a good fit and talk to others who have been to it.

What is your yoga style? Hatha is a great choice for beginners because it focuses on yoga basics. Vinyasa includes hot yoga and focuses on flow. Yin is good for those who enjoy the meditation of yoga and the idea of finding your zen.

Where do you want to travel to? Think about what kind of travel you want to incorporate and find a yoga retreat in an area you want to visit. Excited by the idea of traveling abroad? Look for international yoga retreats.

What about downtime? You aren’t going to be spending 24 hours a day doing yoga so think about the other aspects of the retreat. Can you adventure out on a beautiful hike in a lovely landscape? Maybe you prefer to enjoy the nightlife during downtime. Is it all-inclusive with food and drinks or do you want more freedom to explore the local area while participating in a yoga retreat?

Where Are The Best Places to Visit For Yoga Retreats?

Shreyas Yoga Retreat (India)

Shreyas Yoga Retreat is very well known and offers traditional yoga practices. All meals are served family-style and are vegetarian. There is an important sense of community at this retreat. Classes begin early at 630 am but offer personalized routines of spa routines and other options.

Take a break and hop in the infinity pool or enjoy your private terrace. Set in India you can put your newfound mindfulness practice into use quickly. Travel through the jungles or immerse yourself in the colorful culture. India was made for yoga retreats!

A woman doing yoga at the beach during sunrise.

Villa Lena (Italy)

Draw inspiration from the rolling hills of Tuscany surrounded by olive groves at Villa Lena. A haven for creatives looking to recharge join a sunrise yoga class or explore local vineyards and of course feast on locally farmed foods.

Absolute Sanctuary (Thailand)

This retreat is known for being affordable yet beautiful. It is a laid-back sanctuary set on a steep hill and perfect for detoxing and reducing stress. Looking for a challenge? Participate in a rigorous exercise class or hike down the beach. End the day with an open-air massage at Absolute Sanctuary.

Fusion Maia (Vietnam)

Fusion Maia is a full immersion yoga retreat offering full mind and body wellness. Take this chance to try a vegan diet, participate in beachfront yoga, or just relax. Enjoy the spa for complementary treatments that promote relaxation.

Kamalaya (Koh Samui)

Where better than a Buddhist shrine for taking your yoga retreat? This tropical oasis is set under banana trees and stunning frangipani bushes.

Enjoy a beachfront cabin with ocean views and relax with yoga and pilates. Looking to move a little more? Personal training sessions at Kamalaya are paired with nutrition coaching and physiotherapy.

A couple of women meditating at a yoga retreat.

Samahita (Thailand)

Samahita is located in the south of Thailand’s Koh Samui area. This yoga retreat is slower-paced and run by Paul Dallaghan, an international icon yogi. Start your day enjoying the relaxing waterfront. Swim in the stunning jade-colored water and then follow it up with a mediation on the beach.

Yogarosa (Ibiza)

Ibiza isn’t typically known for its slow pace but this retreat is great for just that. If the lavender doesn’t help you slow down maybe the cooling pool and pines swaying in the breeze will. Yogarosa retreat is owned by Rosa Klein and sessions are held in a Bedouin tent followed by mediation with a singing bowl.

Tri Sri Lanka

You can feel good about attending this ultra-sustainable yoga retreat held on a cinnamon plantation in Sri Lanka. It overlooks a beautiful lake and sessions are held in the trees above a bamboo grove. Spend your free time enjoying the water or sitting in the library.

A woman doing yoga at a traditional Balinese gazebo.

Como Shambhala Estate (Bali)

This Balinese retreat is right in the rainforest where humans and nature work together in harmony outside of Ubud. Spend your downtime exploring the surrounding jungle and temples. Join an Ayurvedic yoga class next to a relaxing river.

Sanara (Tulum)

For the more free-spirited yogis, Sanara in Tulum is less scheduled and leaves you with the freedom to take part in yoga or stop by the spa. If you would rather just ditch it all and hit the beach! All means are designed for digestive health and without refined sugars. They are also dairy, gluten, and grain-free.

Ananda (Himalayas)

Ananda is for those who are already experienced and familiar with yoga. It focuses on balance and constantly perfecting your practice. The location, the Himalayas, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful in the world and this retreat takes place in a converted palace. Try the amazing Ayurvedic feasts or hike the Himalayan foothills all while meditating and honing your breathing.

Countries Known For Yoga


Argentina is a great place for an adventurous yogi. You can enjoy the calming nature of a yoga session and then head out on an exciting adventure. There is a wide variety of landscapes to feast your eyes on or take in a tango lesson.

The only thing that can make yoga better is to enjoy it in a new country and new culture. Use the opportunity to connect with a new state of being.

A woman doing a yoga pose while facing a river scenery.

Costa Rica

A Costa Rican yoga retreat offers the perfect combination of tranquility and excitement. You can immerse yourself in a new culture while getting to travel internationally. Enjoy the serenity of a secluded yoga session or adventure out into the busy streets.

The culture here really shines and can be experienced through the city, food, and people. There are several great yoga retreats here and many are quite affordable. The only thing you have to decide is how much adventure you are looking for!

How to Book a Yoga Retreat

After deciding where you want to go you have to decide how to get there. Follow these steps to find a travel company or tour program that is best for you.

Choose Where You Want to Visit

Narrowing down where you want to travel is probably the most difficult part. With so many beautiful options how can you decide? What are you really craving, jungle, ocean, or a bustling cultural center?

Prepare Your Budget

You can’t go to a yoga retreat if you can’t afford it so this should be your first step. Save any extra money you have and put it towards your retreat. Prepare a full budget for your trip and put some money aside to donate to the organization you are working with (if it is a solid nonprofit organization).

Get Ready For Your Trip

Getting ready for a trip like this can often be as exciting as the trip itself. Countdown the days until you leave. Make sure you have everything you need and create a packing list. Don’t forget the details!