Woman practicing a yoga pose in front of an open laptop.

Some may not quite agree with this but the internet is, indeed, a blessing. The fact that we can get all kinds of information online and learn literally everything (whether free or paid) explains its indisputable importance. Thanks to the internet, people don’t have to cover long lengths to learn and practice what they want to.

Everything from learning different languages to podcasting and playing an instrument to understanding how to perform various forms of exercises etc can be learned using the internet.

The mention of exercise reminds us of the plethora of yoga types that people are gradually becoming interested in and hence learning them through various online courses. Owing to the distinguishing physical and mental health benefits that yoga offers, it isn’t surprising how many people are practicing yoga around the globe.

Yoga is probably the only form of exercise that helps connect the mind, body, and spirit; and people appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of yoga workouts which is why more and more people around the world are making this healthy practice a fundamental part of their lifestyle.

If you are curious to learn how yoga works and are also interested to practice it on a daily basis, we have compiled some of the best yoga tutorial websites that will help you get on the bandwagon. These websites feature online yoga videos that are easy to follow and will get your yoga routine on track.

1. Yogavibes

Website logo for online yoga videos


YogaVibes is perfect for yogis on the go as it gives to-the-point instructions for different yoga poses and workouts. The videos that are featured on the website are shot in an actual yoga studio with esteemed yoga instructors.

The involvement of renowned yoga instructors makes it easy for the course to get updated every now and then. These great yoga teachers ensure that they’re making the most informative yoga videos for their learners. The best part is that these videos are divided into different categories which makes it easy to look up the exact workout you are interested in.

With the help of well-trained and qualified yoga teachers and yoga classes, this website can be a great platform to learn yoga in a short amount of time.

2. Strala at HomeYoga Classes by Tara Stiles

This is a Youtube channel by a yogi, Tara Stiles, who goes to every length to make yoga a fun and rejuvenating experience for her viewers. Her online yoga classes often feature guest instructors that teach different yoga moves – from basic to complex.

The reason that makes Strala’s videos so sought-after is that they are easy to follow and ideal for beginners. To view Strala’s full yoga sessions, you will need to pay $15 per video. You can also get a preview of her videos on her Youtube channel to pick the one that you want to pay for.

3. Yoga OnlineYogis doing yoga

Yoga Online stands out from all other types of online yoga tutorials. How is that, you ask? Well, one of the distinguishing features of Yoga Online is that it is based on the body-mind connection of yoga. While some tutorials may focus merely on the physical benefits of yoga, Yoga Online is much more than that as it also boasts astounding effects of yoga on one’s mental health.

The free videos are led by both male and female instructors who teach a wide range of yoga poses from hatha yoga to acrovinyasa yoga and lots more!

4. Yoga with AdrieneLogo- Yoga with Adriene

Looking for a terrific place to begin learning how to do yoga? The Youtube channel Yoga with Adriene is just the place for you. Adriene – the host of the yoga channel – presents easy-to-understand yoga exercises which make the new learners feel right at home.

All her videos ranging from yoga for beginners to yoga for weight loss to yoga for strength are designed specifically to help learners feel good about their physical as well as mental health.

5. Yoga DownloadYoga Download – Take Yoga Anywhere

Yoga Download offers an unlimited monthly streaming subscription for 12 dollars to 18 dollars per month. Prices are different as it depends on the type of streaming you opt for – view the yoga video once on the download website or download the particular video to your PC so that you can watch it later as many times as you want.

While some videos are originally created by Yoga Download, some of them are made through partnerships with other yogi masters. Besides videos, there are plenty of audio-only clips available on the website. You can also download calming and relaxing music to enjoy whilst performing a yoga workout.

6. Yoga JournalYoga Journal for you

You can view free yoga videos on Yoga Journal’s website as well as on their YouTube channel (which is by the same name). These instructional videos teach a wide range of individual poses and sequences to yoga learners. You can find a number of videos by yogi instructors on this knowledgeable website, try following popular teachers like Kathryn Budig or Elena Brower.

One of the most stand-out characteristics of this yoga website is that it also features helpful yoga-related articles and blogs. These useful written pieces talk about different subjects relating to yoga such as “the most comfortable men’s clothes for yoga” or “meditation practice that will bring peace to your life”.

7. YogaGloYogaGlo for serious yoga learners

YogaGlo offers online yoga classes, meditation postures, and Pilates with experts. In order to make the most of these services, you will need to pay a monthly fee and then enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to yoga classes from the most eminent yoga teachers in the yoga industry.

Choose the online classes of your level – beginner, medium, or expert. The best part is that you can learn yoga from the most illustrious teachers within the vicinity of your own home. For convenience, you can download the YogaGlo app and easily practice yoga wherever you are.

8. Kundalini Live

A Yoga session

Kundaline Live features live classes with real yoga students and instructors. This yoga website focuses on Kundalini yoga practice which is based on elevating consciousness by triggering kundalini energy. The aim of this type of yoga is to develop creative spiritual energy.

The yoga classes are conducted by Sukhmandir Singh – a long-time practitioner and teacher of Kundalini yoga. Other notable teachers who have had taught kundalini yoga are Nihal Kaur and Naomi Charanpal Kaur. The live broadcasts take place every Wednesday at 7 pm. You can also browse full-length videos via a monthly subscription which costs $15 per month only.

9. Gaia

Gaia for beginners and advanced learners

Gaia is known for its versatility as it offers a variety of videos related to yoga, wellness, fitness, and spirituality. In addition to these positive videos, Gaia is prized for its affordable yoga gears, yoga mats, and yoga DVDs.

On Gaia’s website, you will find over 250 yoga classes and hundreds of fitness classes taught by prominent yogi masters like Kia Miller, Kino Macgregor, and Tony Sherman. These instructors also teach many types of yoga including pre-and post-natal yoga forms.

There are various payment options for this program that you can choose from – $9.95 for a month, $20 for 3 months, or $95.40 yearly. All of these come with unlimited streaming that can work on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV with no nuisance of advertisements.

10. Kino YogaKino Yoga

Kino yoga is a Youtube channel handled by a yoga practitioner Kino MacGregor who firmly believes that yoga is more than just a bunch of poses.

On her Youtube channel, you will come across a diverse range of yoga videos from the ashtanga yoga series to handstand mechanics, both for beginners and advanced learners.

11. Yoga HouseYoga channel

Anyone who is looking for unique yoga moves from different types of yoga-like ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, or power yoga must subscribe to Yoga House.

The channel puts up a new yoga video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which means that viewers get to learn new online yoga classes every week.

In a short span of time, you are sure to become skilled at many kinds of yoga practices!

12. Alo MovesAlo Moves

Alo Moves offers online yoga classes that are professionally shot, making them fun to watch and follow. The program features hundreds and thousands of classes that are uploaded every week.

Some of the popular styles that Alo Moves features are vinyasa, pilates, meditation, flexibility, etc. The duration of each class varies from 15 minutes to an hour to more than an hour – apt for both beginners and advanced yoga students. With the help of Alo Moves’ class finder, you can find the ideal course according to your preferences – duration, difficulty level, type of yoga pose, etc.

13. Yogis AnonymousYogis Anonymous for yoga lovers

Yogis Anonymous is super easy to use, offering hundreds of yoga videos, emailed newsletters, and an easy-to-access website. All the videos are shot in Santa Monica where the live classes take place and yoga practices are recorded.

Learners get to choose from a large library of yoga exercises, picking the one that they need to practice. Another great factor of this program is that each class centers on achieving a particular goal. If all the videos are followed in sequence, it becomes easy to learn yoga for every body part.

14. oneOeightoneOeight for yogis

oneOeight is a global online yoga community that features online yoga classes to achieve a healthy and balanced life. The online platform is not only limited to yoga poses but also offers meditation classes, life coaching, cooking ideas, etc.

Created by the best-selling author of “Yoga Girl” – Rachel Brathen, oneOeight is the ultimate website for achieving holistic wellness!

15. Udemy

Udemy for Beginners and Advanced Yogis

Udemy is an online source where anyone with the right knowledge and skills can create and sell a yoga-based course. This is the reason why Udemy accommodates over 40,000 courses and 20,000 instructors. It is also believed that over 12 million students are subscribed to this website.

Out of the many popular yoga, courses are multi-session courses provided by teachers such as Kino MacGregor and Sadie Nardini.


Kick-start your home yoga routine or take your basic yoga to an advanced level by following this mix of free and paid yoga websites.