Man and women doing yoga in yoga apparel

When I started yoga in my very early 20’s, I was broke so yoga clothing was out of the question.

I remember after doing yoga for about a year, I could finally afford some yoga pants and a shirt. I was very happy about it. Unfortunately, yoga clothing isn’t all that cheap. I broke down and bought it anyway. While clothing didn’t change my world, I enjoyed having better-fitting clothes on for yoga.

Since then I’ve invested in much more yoga apparel including shorts, pants, and shirts. While I don’t wear it out and about, I like it for yoga and for other workouts.

Back then the internet was anywhere near what it is today. Now you can buy pretty much every conceivable type of yoga clothing you can imagine online.

The amount of choice is incredible. To help you get started with your yoga apparel search, I put together this extensive list of 31 online yoga clothing stores.

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31 great online stores that sell yoga apparel

Yoga class all well dressed in yoga clothing

1. Lululemon: This famous retailer sells clothing that’s perfect for yoga and other fitness activities. Mesh and other materials are included in many of the store’s clothing selections to provide more breathability while moving.

Tops and leggings come in solid colors and can also feature intricate patterns that are intended to elicit feelings of greater harmony.

It was only recently that I did some serious shopping at Lululemon. I LOVE this store not only for yoga clothing but athletic wear generally as well as casual wear. I really loaded up and love it. I am now a Lululemon devotee. Yeah, sounds like a cliche, but I can’t deny how comfortable and stylish their apparel is.

2. Amazon’s Yoga Apparel: Yoga apparel and gear isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Amazon. However, when you check out Amazon’s yoga selection, you can’t deny it’s extensive. While you definitely want to shop around, when looking for Yoga apparel and gear, Amazon should be on your stop-by list.

3. Stylish men’s and women’s yoga clothing can be found at affordable prices. Choose from mesh and cutout apparel pieces such as tanks, sports bras, and leotards. Grip socks are also available to provide greater stability while holding certain poses.

4. pRana: Comfortable yoga clothing can be found in men’s and women’s sizes and styles. Tank tops and capris are made from materials that are designed to help the body stay cool throughout workouts. Prana‘s long shorts that are fitted correctly and provide adequate support are available as well.

5. Athleta: Women’s yoga clothing can make any woman feel freer and lighter while striking the perfect yoga poses. Athleta has partnered with the San Francisco Ballet to design apparel that works best for a woman’s body. Hyper-focused lace trim bras, floral tights, and wrap tops are just a few of the options that are available.

6. Beyond Yoga: Many of the apparel pieces for sale can be worn both in the yoga studio and as casual wear. High-waisted midi and long leggings hug the body comfortably and allow easy movements. Tanks and tees are perfect for easy and more challenging yoga sessions. Clothing also comes in extended sizes.

7. Evolve Fit Wear: Evolve Fit Wear is one of the top online yoga clothing stores that features brands such as Hyde and Green Apple. Stylish yoga pants, eye-catching capris, casual shorts, and more are available at affordable prices.

8. Alo Yoga: These clothes are designed for a studio-to-street lifestyle and are made from some of the most flexible materials. Men and women can choose from options that come in attractive colors like black, white, and cloud blue. Bestsellers include thigh-high leggings and short-sleeved tops.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods: Along with being one of the top sellers of sports and fitness equipment, Dick’s Sporting Goods sells chic yoga clothing for women. Pieces are available in colors like black, gray, and purple.

10. Onzie: For women who want to add some more flair to their yoga sessions, Onzie offers leggings and tops that feature leopard and other unique print designs. Boardshorts are also available in print and solid colors. All clothing is made to move and stretch seamlessly.

11. Manduka: Manduka has everything that women need to hit their yoga poses without feeling confined. Form-fitting leggings and bralettes provide adequate support without feeling too tight. Long-sleeve tops are also available to help women stay warm in cold studios or while stretching outdoors.

12. Target: A premier department store since 1902, Target has expanded its selections to include yoga clothes that are sold in stores and online. Yoga apparel is available in all sizes including plus sizes. There are also workout socks for sale that are made to give the feet some additional warmth and stability.

13. Ative: Direct from California, Ative offers luxury yoga apparel that can be worn in the studio or on the go. Stretch leggings with mesh stripes can make any woman look and feel cool. Sports bras and bodysuits can additionally be ordered.

14. Fabletics: A-list movie star and businesswoman Kate Hudson presents her signature line of yoga activewear for women who are passionate about yoga. Two-piece outfits include tops and leggings that allow free movements while enhancing personal style. Women can also choose from high-, low- and medium-impact sports bras.

15. Mika Yoga Wear: Tops and bottoms that are ideal for Bikram and other types of yoga are always for sale. Victoria leggings and Bella Luna pants can be combined with Christina and Ella tops to create the perfect looks. Bella print shorts can enhance a woman’s hotness without making her overheat.

16. Everything Yoga: In addition to yoga mats, props, and other equipment pieces, this retailer sells some of the best men’s and women’s yoga clothes on the market. Contoured yoga pants are loose enough to provide greater comfort while being tight enough to give the right amount of support. Capris, grippy socks, and racerback yoga tops are other options in the store’s online inventory.

17. Yoga Rebel: Yoga Rebel sells premium yoga gear with an edge. Leggings with green leopard prints, colorful flowers, and other unique designs can add some color to any yoga session. Bra tops with comfortable straps can give adequate support without cutting into the skin.

18. REI: This online store is known for its vast outdoor gear selections, but you may not know that REI also sells some fabulous yoga apparel for women and men. Many of the clothes are made from materials like cotton, nylon, and polyester. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts along with tank tops are available in colors like blue, gray, orange, and pink. Versatile pants and shorts are also available.

19. Old Navy: In addition to the latest fashions, Old Navy features a full line of yoga clothes that look flattering on different women’s bodies. Strappy and racerback sports bras come with removable cups for shaping and secure coverage. Mid- and high-rise yoga pants feature elastic waistbands and are made with moisture-wicking technology.

20. NiyamaSol: A-list celebrity Jennifer Lopez has been seen wearing some of the premium yoga clothing from NiyamaSol. Leggings, capris, and joggers can work well while doing yoga in both indoor and outdoor settings. Tees and sports bras are cut just right. New arrivals are also added regularly to the store’s inventory to give online shoppers even more choices.

21. Light in the Box: Limited-time deals are offered on new yoga apparel items that are constantly being added to the store’s selection. Harem and stretchy yoga pants can often be found at terrific prices. Grip socks that cover each toe separately can make mastering challenging yoga poses easier.

22. Ana Heart: Ana Heart specializes in making apparel for modern yogis who want minimalist style. Men, women, and kids can find the perfect options. Popular choices include yoga bras, yoga pants, and T-shirts.

23. The North Face: This online retailer has combined lucy activewear to create stunning yoga attire that can adapt to all types of stretches and positions. High-rise tights and pants are designed to make yoga sessions more fun and fashionable.

24. Blue Canoe: Since 1994, Blue Canoe has been offering American-made eco-conscious activewear to make the planet a better place. Slim and bootcut pants work well in yoga studios or for at-home casualwear. Tops made from organically grown cotton and bamboo are good for both yoga and the environment.

25. Sweaty Betty London: Form-fitting yoga clothes that are designed to show off a woman’s best features in the most flattering ways are available from Sweaty Betty London. Padded yoga bras are soft, delicate, and pretty while still being sturdy enough to provide the right amount of support. Reversible yoga leggings offer greater versatility.

26. Lole: This online store is known for selling high-performance activewear that is modern, mindful, and meaningful. High-rise and low-rise motion leggings can be worn throughout the course of a mild or intense yoga session.

27. Yogavated Athletics: From sleek leggings to flexible tops, Yogavated Athletics has the perfect options in its extensive inventory. Many of the pieces for sale can also be worn outside the yoga studio.

28. Spiritual Gangster: The simple design of these pieces provides the perfect options for yogis who want some yoga apparel without all the frills. Striped yoga leggings and tops never go out of style. Many of these pieces are also made from spandex, nylon, and materials that can dry quickly.

29. Hyde Yoga: Hyde Yoga is proud to present clothing that’s made to the highest quality in the USA. Apparel made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials is available for the environmentally conscious yogi.

30. Liquido: Yoga gear with bold and exclusive prints is available from Liquido. Tranquil maze and peacock plumage are just a couple of the style options that are showcased regularly. Many of the shorts, tops, and leggings for sale feature bright colors that are bound to get noticed for the right reasons.

31. Satya: From downward dog to tree pose, the clothing from Satya can adjust well to all types of yoga positions. The cotton that’s cultivated to create these pieces comes from the rice fields of Bali. Pants and shorts are made from natural fabrics that allow the body to move and breathe with ease. Yoga wraps and jumpsuits make yoga even more fun and stylish.

32. VYAYAMA: This apparel provider was founded with the intent of selling yoga clothing that was made from natural materials instead of synthetic counterparts. Bestsellers include black crop tops, leggings, and tanks. Forbes, Vogue, and other top publications have given VYAYAMA excellent reviews for the company’s quality products and positive impact on the environment.