46 Yoga Studio Website Keywords for More Yoga Website Traffic

In addition to targeting keywords surrounding the types of yoga you teach and your geographic location(s), you can expand your target keyword list to include yoga postures.

In my post 1 Tip for More Website Visitors to Your Yoga Website I set out tips and steps for choosing keywords for your yoga studio website.

In this post I set out additional ideas for keywords to attract traffic to your yoga website.

The following table sets out 46 keywords for yoga postures.  Note, many of the keywords are duplicates because I set out the search volume data for both “posture” and “pose”.

KeywordBroad # of Monthly SearchesPhrase # of Monthly SearchesExact # of Monthly Searches# of Competing Web Pages
half moon 550,000 450,000 12,100 7,400,000
downward dog 22,200 18,100 8,100 208,000
sun salutation 22,200 22,200 8,100 206,000
savasana 12,100 12,100 6,600 158,000
pigeon pose 6,600 5,400 1,900 35,400
pigeon posture 6,600 4616 1,400
downward-facing dog 5,400 5,400 3,600 732,000
warrior pose 5,400 3,600 1,300 193,000
tree pose 4,400 4,400 1,600 115,000
cobra pose 3,600 2,900 1,300 53,700
crow pose 3,600 3,600 1,600 26,700
lotus pose 2,900 2,400 1,000 118,000
triangle pose 2,900 2,900 880 122,000
bow pose 2,400 1,900 720 42,700
eagle pose 2,400 1,900 880 45,400
moon salutation 2,400 2,400 880 11,400
boat pose 1,900 1,600 590 91,600
fish pose 1,900 1,600 590 103,000
frog pose 1,900 1,600 590 10,900
crane pose 1,600 1,600 720 15,900
locust pose 1,600 1,600 720 74,400
wheel pose 1,600 1,600 590 22,900
child's pose 1,300 5828 274,000
lotus posture 1,000 880390 41,300
cow face pose590480320 34,900
plough pose480390210 9,780
side plank pose260210170 15,100
cobra posture2109136 11,200
bow posture1407322 12,100
frog posture1404622 3,470
half spinal twist14014058 28,300
tree posture14011036 13,800
fish posture1107328 8,980
triangle posture1103612 5,500
warrior posture1104616 4,780
crow posture734616 3,400
wheel posture733612 5,560
plough posture584612 6,000
locust posture463622 1,790
boat posture362812 5,590
crane posture362812 1,810
downward-facing tree362810 10,400
eagle posture363616 3,630
cow face posture121210 8,720
child's posture--- 19,100
side plank posture--- 1,850

What does “broad”, “phrase”, “exact”, and “# of Competing Web Pages” mean?

  • A broad search means the words in the search phrase appear in any order.  For example, a search phrase such as “Yoga Chicago Iyengar” is a broad search phrase for “Iyengar Yoga”.
  • A phrase search means the words in the search phrase appear in that order, but additional words may surround the search phrase.  For example,  a search such as “Chicago Iyengar Yoga” is a phrase search term for “Iyengar Yoga”.
  • An exact search means the entire search is exactly the search terms listed.  For example, the search “Iyengar Yoga” is the exact search for “Iyengar Yoga”.

# of Competing Web Pages means the number of Web Pages on the Internet that contain the words in the search phrase.  The lower the number of competing Web pages, the less competitive it is and therefore, generally, easier to rank well in the search engines.  However, if the websites on page 1 are very competitive, then it may still be difficult to rank on page 1 of Google even if there are not many competing Web pages.

Generally, a search term with fewer than 30,000 competing Web pages is not terribly competitive.  Fewer than 5,000 is not competitive.

About the above list of keywords

The above list of keywords is far more general than keywords targeting the types of yoga you teach and your geographic location.  However, once you exhaust geographic-specific keywords, the above list should give you ideas for new website content to publish and keywords to target that, with some SEO, will attract website visitors.

I would ensure that you rank well for your geographically-based keywords before going after more general keywords. The reason for this is that geographically-based keywords will attract more relevant and targeted website traffic.  In other words, geographically-based website visitors are more likely going to contact you and attend your yoga studio.

This list is intended for inspiration and ideas rather than your next SEO step.

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