Female practictioners doing yoga in a studio.

There is no denying the numerous health and fitness benefits that yoga provides.

Whether you suffer from a physical ailment, want to stay in good shape or you want to achieve the essence of true peace and relax after a tiring day, yoga is bound to be of great help.

But here’s an ironic twist.

Surely, yoga helps when life gets tough. But what should one do if managing a ‘yoga’ business gets tough?

Makes you wish you could enroll in your own class, doesn’t it?

If you own a yoga studio, you would be well aware of how stressful it can get. Scheduling the classes, handling registrations, processing the sales, marketing, maintaining the place and various other tasks can definitely take a toll on you.

And this is where business management software can be of tremendous help.

MINDBODY is one of the best management software that has eased the lives of numerous businessmen all over the world.

Exclusively designed to meet the business administration needs, the fact that it is serving a vast array of 35 million customers based in about 130 different locations speaks volumes for itself. Being the largest global provider of online business management software for the health and wellness industry, it is due to MINDBODY only that over 50,000 of the top fitness businesses in the world are thriving successfully.

So, whether you are planning to install MINDBODY already or are still deciding which software is the best buy for your yoga studio, here’s all that you need to know about the wonders that MINDBODY can work for you.

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1. What is yoga studio software?

Woman doing yoga in office

Yoga studio software is a comprehensive solution to your business management needs.

It is designed to help you manage your business effectively and efficiently. Like any other management software, it aims at making the supervision and administration of all the business operations easier.

The only difference is that yoga studio software will be specifically customized to meet the needs of a business that belongs to the health and fitness industry. Its features, controls, layout, and functionalities are tailored to fit the requirements of a yoga studio so that the software helps you completely solve the issues that you face in managing the studio.

2. Why do you need yoga studio software?

There are several different software packages available to choose from. While some features are common to all software packages, other features are unique to certain software.

For instance, some yoga studio software might allow remote access while others might require you to be connected to a private network. Some software might be optimized for staff management while others might focus more on serving customers and making it easier for yogis to track and hold their fitness classes.

Therefore, before you buy any management software, analyze and evaluate the purpose for which you need the software in your yoga studio.

Do you need it to improve staff management? Or do you need it to enhance the coordination and communication between the staff and trainers? Do you want all-in-one management software that targets the different areas in your yoga organization?

List down all the answers and any other features that you seek. Having a clear perspective of what you require will help you make an informed decision and help you use the software in a productive manner.

3. What does MINDBODY offer?

Yogis in a yoga studio

Once you have an idea of what you want, you should then move on to exploring the different features of yoga studio software.

No matter what niche within your yoga studio you want to target, MINDBODY can help you achieve it.

This software offers everything that any yoga studio needs to bring its long-term vision to life.

MINDBODY helps you organize the day, schedule classes, welcome clients, track staff members, connect with new customers, book services, manage transactions, market your studio and so much more.

The list of features offered by MINDBODY software is endless. It covers your yoga studio operations from all the different angles so that managing your business becomes as peaceful as yoga itself.

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Benefits of MINDBODY Software

4. Book yoga sessions online

Online booking of yoga classes

The world today is highly digitalized. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into daily life. Be it buying groceries or searching for real estate, most of the things are being done online because it is convenient.

Yogis are not an exception to this rule. In fact, they are doing yoga to ease their worries, relax and de-stress. If signing up for a yoga class or booking their yoga sessions requires them to call the studio or worse still, visit in person, then the fitness activity loses its charm.

The online booking feature in MINDBODY ensures that your clients face no trouble in scheduling their classes.

5. Marketing your yoga studio

Online marketing techniques

Advertisement and marketing can steal large profits from any business.

With MINDBODY software you can advertise your studio and make your services prominent to the public eye without incurring any additional marketing costs.

This software is designed to introduce you to new clients and build long-lasting customer relationships.

You can promote your brand and attract more clients by making your services bookable in all the places that they are searching. You can also engage your clients by using Frederick (an automated marketing tool by MINDBODY). This will enable customers to spread the word about your business.

6. A complete Point of Sale system

POS software on a mobile phone

Whether you run a small-scale yoga studio or a large one, keeping track of payments and managing the transactions can be a complicated task.

You can avoid the expenses of hiring a front desk salesperson or a cashier if you buy MINDBODY software. This is because MINDBODY software provides a complete Point of Sale (POS) system. Clients can pay for their classes and you can collect these payments from the convenience of any electronic device – be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

The POS system is very simple and your staff can learn to use it in no time.

7.  A personalized experience for the yogis

In MINDBODY software, every client gets to make their own profile.

This enables the customer to log into their own account, check their balance, reserve a spot, and manage their schedule. In other words, they can keep complete track of their entire activities in your yoga studio.

Moreover, the customer profile will also help you interact with each client in a more personalized manner and make sure they are all happy and satisfied.

8. Staff management made easy

This yoga studio software is designed to make staff management trouble-free.

It displays the whole schedule in one place so that you can easily assign duties as well as link every trainer’s work to their payroll.

Therefore, the mix-up, clashes, or improper scheduling of staff members that are common in manual allocation will no longer occur with the yoga studio software.

9. Generating reports

Generating reports on a computer

Documentation and paperwork are usually a nightmare for most businesses. Performing all the complex calculations, preparing the required reports, and then analyzing and evaluating all the results is definitely challenging work.

However, MINDBODY allows yoga studio owners to track different business performance indicators.

Whether you want to do sales forecasting, budgeting or simply compare the profits earned over a certain time period – all the vital results are just a click of a button away.

You can save the reports for future reference and even mark them as ‘favorite’ for quicker access each time.

10. All-in-one automation

Automation eases business management

Here is an interesting fact: MINDBODY has over 100 different built-in features to save your time and improve your business operations.

Whether you hire different employees to handle the front desk and backstage operations or you manage them all by yourself, you are probably wasting time and money.

MINDBODY takes the burden off your shoulders. It will automatically handle various tasks such as sending confirmation messages and reminders to clients via email, text messages or the MINDBODY app. It will set recurring payments by itself, track the membership status of the yogis, create waitlists for filled classes and notify members when a spot becomes available.

11. Access your business from anywhere anytime

MINDBODY software is a cloud-based solution which means that you have remote access to your business accounts. Therefore, no need to be bound to your desk while you manage your yoga studio operations. Take the work wherever you go.

You can access all the features of this software from any device and any place was given that you have an internet connection.

12. Customized mobile app

Mobile app customized for yoga brand

By subscribing to the Ultimate Plan (types of plans covered later) offered by MINDBODY, you can get a customized mobile app for your yoga studio services.

The app will be tailored to your specific brand so that your customers enjoy the same experience on their mobiles as they do when they visit your studio.

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Other things to know before you buy MIND BODY

13. Technical compatibility

Different electronic devices

A crucial factor that business owners often worry about when selecting management software is its feasibility and accessibility through different devices.

Needless to say, that software should not just be compatible with various devices, but it should also be suitable for use by customers of different age groups.

MINDBODY software is supported on all the major operating systems in use today. These include Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

14. Help from MIND BODY experts

You can get ongoing, one-on-one support from a MINDBODY product expert dedicated to helping you familiarize yourself with the software and solve any related queries.

15. MIND BODY University

Inspiring ideas from MINDBODY clients and developers

When you buy MINDBODY software for your yoga studio, you will be eligible for admission into the MINDBODY University.

MINDBODY University is a platform where MINDBODY clients gather together to learn different strategies for smooth business operations, trade business advice, and to further maximize the use of this software for their businesses.

So, if you are buying MINDBODY then get ready to get inspired.

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Selecting a plan

16. Free trial

Aren’t you relieved to know the benefits of MINDBODY software?

Are you considering buying this software already?

Whether you are ready to make a fruitful investment or you still have some doubts, you can check out their free version to get a test run.

Simply provide your email id, name, and a few other credentials to download a free trial from the MINDBODY website. You can also download a demo video to get the hang of things.

17. The Essential Plan

Once you are sure about your choice you can move on to the next step.

If you are buying MINDBODY software for your yoga studio then you have three different plans to choose from. Each of the plans includes mobile apps, scheduling, business management courses, client management, auto-pay billing as well as unlimited support from the company.

Their Essential Plan offers you the following.

  • MINDBODY app listing
  • Retail POS
  • Scheduling classes, appointments, workshops, and events
  • Automatically generated email and texts
  • Branded web tools
  • MINDBODY University on demand
  • Over 35 reports
  • 1:1 onboard training
  • Advanced scheduling options for events and workshops

You can avail of all of these features at a cost of only $125 per month.

18. The Accelerate Plan

If you run a large yoga studio or want to benefit from some extra features then you can opt for the Accelerate Plan.

The Accelerate Plan offers you 90 reports instead of 35, two-way SMS notifications plus room and equipment scheduling in addition to all the features of an Essential Plan.

Also, you get more advanced features by paying for an Accelerate Plan at $195 per month

19. The Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan will cost you a total of $395 per month, but the benefits are surely worth it.

Apart from what is offered in the Accelerate Plan, the Ultimate Plan offers you a custom mobile app.

This plan is extremely useful for yoga studios who want their yoga management software to be tailored to their specific requirements or customized to meet the needs of their clients.

20. User reviews

Group of people happy after group yoga session

According to the reviews provided by the business owners who installed MINDBODY in their organizations and the feedback collected from their clients, the MINDBODY software ranks over 90% on average when it comes to user satisfaction.

So, if you are looking for the ideal management software for your yoga studio, then look no further than MINDBODY.

Your studio helps people stay fit, relax and unwind. To free your mind and body from the stress of business management, install MINDBODY.