A sporty female wearing matching high-quality white yoga activewear and stretching in Lotus Pose on her maroon-colored yoga mat in the living room.

Do you have a hard time looking for a gift for your sporty friend? If there are many options, it doesn’t seem very easy to select the ideal present.

Well, then you’re in luck because I have recommendations for you! I think giving them high-quality athletic wear as a gift is one of the underrated choices to make them happy.

As promised, here are my picks: Lorna Jane and Lululemon. These two high-end women’s sports apparel are renowned for their quality, which makes them the best gift choices. Now, let’s have a look at what differentiates these two brands from one another.

What is Lorna Jane?

Lorna Jane Womens Tornado Core Full Legnth Tight, Canyon Multi, Large

It is the mission of Lorna Jane Activewear to empower you to live a life you love through the practice of active living, which includes the following daily routine:

  • Exercising your body every day
  • Nourishing your body from the inside out
  • Believing that anything is possible

Lorna has spent three decades since coining the term “Activewear.” She’s been studying, developing, listening, and leading the way in product creation and standardizing the wear of Activewear anywhere you are.

What is Lululemon?

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants High-Rise (Black, 2)

Lululemon is a high-end athletic apparel business that also produces yoga, running, and training items.

The Lululemon company also promotes an active lifestyle, believing that if we all push ourselves beyond our own limitations, we will get the strength to push ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

What Do They Offer?

Both Lorna Jane and Lululemon provide activewear for ladies like tanks, hoodies, jackets, sports bras, bras, leggings, yoga pants, tights, and many more. You can browse their sets and collections on their respective online stores.

Lorna Jane also offers a skincare product they call Lorna Jane Collagen. They assert that it is beneficial to combine it with physical activity. They also offer a winter collection, a vacation collection, and a lifestyle collection to choose from. The most unique one is their maternity and nursing collection.

However, in addition to swimwear, dresses, onesies, underwear, joggers, and accessories such as purses, gloves, hats, hair accessories, scarves, socks, and water bottles, Lululemon also sells yoga mats and other yoga-related products. Lululemon does not restrict its extensive range to only women’s fitness. They also provide activewear options for males.

Where Can You Find Them?

The hot news is that you can still purchase their items online if you do not have access to any of their shops in your area or country. However, if you are fortunate, paying them a visit is a fantastic idea.

Lorna Jane is an athletic clothing store based in Brisbane, Australia, with regional offices in the United States, Singapore, China, and New Zealand.  It also has a total of 134 shops in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Singapore. In addition, they have franchisee shops in New Caledonia, Mexico, Europe, Dubai, and Malaysia, among other places.

A pair of Empower Phone Pocket Ankle Biter Leggings in Pebble Blue from Lorna Jane.

Source: Lorna Jane

The headquarters of Lululemon is situated in Vancouver, BC, with a total of 521 stores in 17 countries around the globe placed on main street sites, major centers for lifestyle, and mall venues. Lululemon is also planning to set up actual stores in Asia and elsewhere in the United States.

What is Both Brand’s History?

It’s a worldwide phenomenon. How did a business concept of wearing to work out become a global sensation? It requires a unique vision to see a market gap, act on instinct, learn a skill, and seize an opportunity. 

Lorna Jane Clarkson was an aerobics teacher in Brisbane, Australia, thirty years ago. Frustrated with the 1980s exercise trend, she took a pair of scissors to her favorite swimsuit to see how it was produced. Then, the first Lorna Jane Activewear item was born. Lorna’s Aerobics students began requesting special orders. Because of that, her first shop opened due to high demand.

Lorna has spent the last three decades studying, developing, listening, and leading the way in product design and the normalization of activewear.

The Vancouver, Canada-based company Lululemon was founded in 1998. Later in November 2000, they opened their first physical storefront in the city. Although they started by offering yoga lessons, they quickly evolved into a place where people could come to learn about and discuss healthy living, mindfulness, and optimum living.

A black High Neck Y-Back Train Bra Medium Support from Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

They’ve now established a movement that pushes people to grow, take up leadership roles, and realize their full potential. Professional and elite athletes who spend a significant amount of time in the gym or work on the physical wellness of their bodies are among the company’s clients. People dedicated to developing and achieving great things with their bodies might consider using this brand as their inspiration.

The Pros of Each Brand

Their logo is the sign that has made Lorna Jane famous, but what does it mean? One square off-kilter is the ligature of the originals of their founder: LJ. Together, the three represent the everyday practice of the concept of “move, nourish, believe”—the active living concept that they adhere to and support. 

Every day, make an effort to move your body. Ensure that you are nourished from the inside out. Everything is possible if you believe in it.

Sustainable living is not a luxury but rather the way of the future. Lorna Jane is determined to guarantee that our communities, the Earth, and the environment are as healthy as the people who dress in their activewear collections.

Lululemon comes from a place that values the well-being of both the mind and the body. They would instead focus on what you can accomplish to the best of your ability. They are focused on life and offer clothes for brunch, work, and the fitness facility, among other things.

An Align™ Gathered-Front Tank Top in Spiced Chai from Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

Lululemon offers a fascinating network of elite athletes and store ambassadors to help you on your fitness journey and encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone. They want to demonstrate to their followers that sweat is not nasty and that the events that occur when you are sweating release your most important potential.


That’s it, folks. Have you made up your minds yet? Are you Team Lorna Jane or Team Lululemon? Despite your choices, the two brands themselves can never go wrong.

A LJ Racer Back Nursing Bra in Titanium from Lorna Jane.

Source: Lorna Jane

But I’m going to go with Team Lorna Jane in my view. I was thinking about their maternity line. They truly care for pregnant ladies, which makes them look more inclusive. I also appreciate that they promote sustainability by allowing their customers to donate their used LJ clothes.