Three women in their swimsuits doing their yoga meditation beside the pool at a resort.

Imagine the shimmering sunlight giving you a sun-kissed glow while you do the Fish Pose. Or the sound of the waves crashing into the shore as you flow your way into Savasana. It sounds like paradise. Now, imagine getting paid to do this. 

As a yoga instructor, you have the chance to lead your classes surrounded by a watery wonderland with the light sea breeze and seagulls screeching as your background music. If you want this visualization to manifest in real life, here’s how to teach yoga at a resort.

Many yoga instructors have been traveling to the white sand beaches of Thailand, the jungles of Costa Rica, and temples in Ubud, Bali, while earning their bread. It sounds like a dream, but many have been doing it for years. If you want to be doing the same thing, here’s how to get started.

Create an Awesome Resume

A woman doing her training exercises by the beach at sunset.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to yoga teacher positions at retreat centers and resorts. Make sure before you apply, you create an excellent resume that will stand out. Highlight what makes you unique from all the other yoga teachers. Better yet, make a video resume or an infographic about you as a yoga teacher.

Put Yourself Out There (Online)

Don’t have an online profile? You should make one, if not more. Start with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, if you have the resources to create a website, do it. In this age and time, employers and recruiters look for people to hire, including yoga instructors online. 

If you don’t put yourself out there, how is that resort owner from the other side of the globe going to find you? If you already have a website and a social media presence, make sure you update regularly. You don’t have to have a ton of followers. 

Just share about your practice, your teaching style, student reviews, and other relevant content. Your online presence will make people trust you.

How to Find Yoga Teaching Jobs at Resorts

Call Your Community

Spread the word that you want to teach yoga at a resort. If you have a community of yoga teachers and yoga students, start from there. You can go to the yoga studios in your area and ask around. 

Members of your community can connect you to the right people. You can also check with local resorts and ask employees if they have an opening for a yoga teacher or consider offering yoga classes at the resort. 

Sign up to Online Communities

Some websites focus on connecting yoga teachers with employers and recruiters from around the world. Many of these employers look for yoga instructors who can teach at their resorts or retreat centers. Here are some of these websites:

Many other websites are not specific to yoga teaching jobs. But you will still find people all around the world looking to fill these roles. Here are some of them:

Check Your Local Resorts

A woman doing a sitting yoga pose by the poolside at sunset.

You don’t have to go to another state or country to teach yoga at a resort. Some resorts close to you could be looking for a yoga instructor. If not, go there and ask if they would consider offering yoga classes to their guests. 

It’s a good way for them to get new guests since yoga is popular. 

Make Your Yoga Retreat or Assist at One

If you already have regular students who attend your classes, why not take them out to a yoga retreat at a resort? Sometimes, opportunities don’t come to us and knock on our doors. So, we create it. Leading a yoga retreat is not long-term, though. 

Still, it’s an excellent way to experience teaching yoga at a resort. If you are not ready to take your students to a yoga retreat yet, how about becoming an assistant to a yoga retreat leader

Assist Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Many yoga teacher training programs are held at resorts. I assisted one at a resort in the middle of a jungle, and it was glorious. Like helping a yoga retreat, this is not a long-term position. 

Most Yoga Teacher Training courses last for 30 days. But if the program is offered every 30 days and you are hired to assist the teacher in all those programs, you can stay longer. It’s a great way to experience how to teach yoga at a resort and learn how to create and teach yoga teacher training courses. 

What to Expect

A woman practicing yoga on a purple yoga mat at a resort in the midst of nature.

It’s essential to know what to expect when you teach yoga at a resort so that you can manage them. Here are things you can expect when you teach yoga at a resort:

You Still Have a Boss

Sure, you can travel around the world and teach what you love to people. It sounds laidback. But that doesn’t mean you can just come and leave and do whatever pleases your heart. You still have a boss when you teach yoga at a resort. 

Resorts have managers and owners that need to make a living to pay for their employees, including you, to sustain the business. You still need to meet their expectations as their yoga teacher. It is still a job. The only difference is you’re doing it by the beach or the lake. Good views are worth it, though.

You May Need to Pay for the Travel Expenses

Sometimes, you get lucky and find a work exchange with travel expenses paid. But most of the time, you need to pay for your travel expenses to and from the resorts. Resorts only cover your all-inclusive stay. 

You Need to Be Flexible with Your Time

Since guests at resorts come and go. They may change the schedule of your classes once you arrive. Read your agreement before signing. But they have the right to make changes to the time of your classes, so it’s best to be flexible. 

Chances are, you will only be teaching yoga once or twice a day. So, you still have time to explore the resort.

You Will Meet Different Types of Students from All Around the World

A female yoga instructor leading her students to do their yoga pose during a class at a resort, while facing the sea.

Since it’s a resort, most of your students will be tourists from all around the world. Some will speak English, some will not, and you will teach them yoga, regardless. You will need to demonstrate poses for everyone to understand your instructions. 

You will also need to prepare lots of modifications for people who are new to yoga and have lots of physical limitations.


Teaching yoga at a resort is a great way to do what you love doing, earn money from it, and explore the world. It’s also a great way to hone your skills as a yoga teacher as you teach more types of students from all countries worldwide. 

The competition is tight for yoga teaching roles at resorts, though. So, make yourself stand out by finding what makes you different from all the other yoga teachers out there.