Two women wearing snug, high-quality leggings, practicing their yoga routine together at an outdoor location.

Leggings are very versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear them for a workout or a quick brunch with the girls. But it can get annoying when they start falling down and out of their place. So, why do leggings do this, and how do we keep that from happening? Read more for the answer to these questions.

Why Do Leggings Fall Down?

There are many reasons why leggings fall. These are the following:

Not the Right Fit

If your leggings are too big for you, whether in the waist or the crotch part, they will most likely fall as you move.

Worn Out

No matter if they are expensive and made of high-quality materials, leggings will eventually be worn out and stretched out. When this happens, they will not fit you anymore. 

Low Quality

Some leggings are made of low-quality materials that stretch out quickly. Or you may find yoga pants with seams that are not tightly sewn. 

The Proportions Are Off

Leggings can also fall if they are not similar to your body proportions. Not all yoga pants are created equal. Maybe the hips of the legging are too wide for your hips, or the crotch area is small for you.

6 Tips to Keep Your Leggings from Falling Down

A woman practicing her yoga routine indoors, wearing a pink long-sleeve shirt and black leggings that are the perfect and comfortable fit.

Are your leggings old and stretched out? If they are, you cannot return them to get the right size. So, here are some ways you can do to keep them in place.

Wear a Belt

The waist part of leggings, whether compression or running leggings, is usually the part that stretches out easily. You will know this when your back shows if you bend over and you have to pull your leggings up constantly.

To keep the waistband intact, wear a belt around them. If your leggings are high-waist, you can wrap the belt in the middle of the waistband and fold over it so they don’t show. Moreover, avoid using a leather belt as they can be uncomfortable when practicing yoga. 

Avoid Using Fabric Conditioner

Fabric conditioners soften fabrics. You shouldn’t use them on your yoga pants and other workout clothes as it can cause the leggings to slide down easily. The chemicals in fabric conditioners can engrain your leggings’ fibers and clog them, which makes the leggings waxy and cause them to fall and slide down easily. Now, this is far worse than having ill-fitting leggings. Dirty tight pants can cause a yeast infection, among others. They also smell bad.

Get It Repaired

Lululemon leggings can be repaired for free. Even if you buy used Lululemon items, they will fix them for free. So, if your leggings keep falling, find out which part doesn’t fit your body well and have the seams adjusted. Some brands may also offer free repairs, so check their websites and take advantage.

Tuck In Your Tops

If there’s space around your waistline, that means the leggings are too big for you. An excellent way to keep it from falling without adjusting the waistband is to tuck your top in. This technique will not last long, but it will keep the pants from falling off in the meantime.

Wear Something Over Your Leggings

Superman can rock underwear over his tight-fitting pants. Who says you can’t? Wearing something, whether underwear, a pair of shorts, or another ill-fitting pair of leggings, can help keep your yoga pants from falling. It sounds silly, but it works.

Sew Drawstring on Your Leggings

A drawstring will keep your leggings from falling off. If your leggings are starting to get baggy because the waistband has started to stretch out too much, you can make do by sewing a drawstring in the waist area. Here’s a guide on how to sew a drawstring on your yoga pants.

Tips for Buying Leggings That Won’t Fall Down

A woman doing Lotus Pose while meditating on her yoga mat, wearing light-colored leggings with the perfect and comfortable fit.

To avoid leggings from falling out, the first thing you should do is not buy ill-fitting leggings. Here are some tips for finding the perfect pair of leggings:

Try Different Sizes

Brands have different sizing. Some run small, some are true-to-size, and some run big. If it’s your first time to try a pair of leggings from a particular brand, try one of your usual sizes, another one that is a size up, and one size down. Do this even when you’re trying in-store and buying online. 

Make sure the yoga pants feel like a second skin. They should feel snug on your waist, buttocks, thighs, and calves. If the leggings are baggy in the crotch area, that means they are too big. Go a size down. The waistband can stretch, and they might fit you, even if they’re a smaller size.

Squat in Them

Have you ever heard of people looking for squat-proof leggings? That’s because it’s an effective way to know if the leggings will stay in place. A squat is a compound movement that uses and moves all the leg muscles. So, if you find a pair of yoga pants that don’t move even when you’re doing a squat, you’ve found gold.

Buy High-Waist Leggings

High-waist leggings give extra support to the torso. So, it will not fall easily. Also, they are slimming and keep the muffin top from showing up. 

Buy Compression Leggings

Compression leggings give a little pressure on the legs, which can help with improving blood flow and soreness. But aside from these, compression leggings are snug and give your body the support it needs. They don’t easily fall out, and they move with you. 

Choose 4-Way Stretch Leggings

There are two types of stretch fabrics used to make workout leggings. These are the 2-way stretch and the 4-way stretch. 

The 2-way stretch stretches in one direction. The 4-way stretch, on the other hand, stretches in two directions: lengthwise and crosswise.

For leggings, a 4-way stretch is better because it stretches more. So, the sizes are more forgiving. Leggings made of the 4-way stretch fabric also hold their shape better. So, even when you use them often, they still go back to their original form.

Leggings are great for practicing yoga and as casual wear. Follow these tips above, so your leggings don’t fall when you practice.