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Are you getting bored with your monotonous, scheduled life? Do you want some positive changes that can help you break free? Are you confused about what you can do or where you can start? Or do you have a plan of what you might want to involve yourself in?

Well, there is good news! All you have to do is get dressed in your comfortable clothes and head out the door because it’s time to align yourself with nature. Spending time in nature not only allows you to de-stress, but it allows you to breathe in positivity while exhaling negativity (Source: University of Minnesota ). This is why spending time in nature should be highly prioritized.

Imagine how great it would be with the sound of birds chirping around you as the soft breeze graces your face, your eyes witnessing a beautiful – green view while your brain bids all its stresses and tensions a farewell. This is exactly what it feels like to spend productive time in nature.

However, if you are confused about what to do, consider involving yourself in hobbies that are meditative as well. This way, while you are doing something productive with your time, you will be maximizing the benefits you are getting from being surrounded by nature.  You will be exposing yourself to new and healthy beginnings.

Tips on Choosing the Right Hobby

Before taking up a new hobby, it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right one. There are a lot of hobbies that you can choose from, but not all will be suitable for you. Therefore, to make things easier on your end, here are a few tips that can help you find the right hobby.

Do What You Already Like

This is the most obvious point in choosing the right hobby. If you do not truly enjoy something, there is no point in practicing it or making it a hobby. It will defeat the entire purpose of taking the initiative and going out in nature just so your time can be spent productively. So, whatever you are choosing to do, make sure it is something you enjoy fully.

Good for the Brain

Choosing a productive hobby will be beneficial for your brain. With your mind trying to grasp the new changes it is going through, you will be allowing it to sharpen, increase its focus, and giving it the exercise it needs. With a well-functioning brain, you can conquer the world!

Source: Bustle


Hobbies that are productive will allow you to create. Whether it is creating a work of art, or creating a healthy lifestyle, they will make sure that each minute you spend creating something is a minute well-spent. The whole purpose of a hobby is so that it can foster the inner self that would contribute to you creating a new you for yourself.

Read on to find out about the 20 hobbies you can do that is meditative in nature:

1. ReadingA Girl Reading a Book

It is safe to say that reading is one of the most popular and one of the oldest past times and greatest escapes from reality. But, being in a better environment just makes this experience even more worth remembering.

Reading has ample benefits, which is why it is a hobby that everyone should acquire (Source: Business Insider). The best part is that it is so simple. All you have to do is grab your favorite book, choose your favorite spot in nature, and get reading.

Another great aspect of this hobby is that reading is the gateway to new patterns, habits, and behaviors. Because the brain gets used to being productive, when you are not reading, your mind will want to do something.

2. WritingA Girl Writing In Her Journal

Another great way to spend your time in nature is by writing. Writing is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression. It allows you to look within yourself so you can channel all your feelings, emotions, and energies just so you can write it down on paper.

Along with that, you have the freedom to keep going. Jot down how you are feeling, how you want to feel, your desires, goals, dreams, and plans for the future.

Apart from personal writing, you can resort to writing articles, radio scripts, or even plays. Writing any or all of these will allow you to unlock your true potential. The best part is that when you’re surrounded by nature, it’s highly unlikely that there will be anyone around to bother you and disturb your train of thought.

Because of this, you can let your mind take you to new places.

3. YogaA Woman Doing Yoga

It is time to lock away all the external, intruding thoughts so you can focus on your body and how it is functioning. Yoga is something you must add to your schedule. Apart from paying special attention to your inhaling and exhaling, you will also be improving every aspect of your body (Source: HealthLine ).

Not only is it benefiting you physically, but yoga also allows you to develop your spiritual and emotional well-being, which is why it is a hobby that everyone should adopt.

4. MeditatingA Man Mediating Peacefully

Meditating is the best way to improve memory and focus (Source: Psychology Today). Just by meditating for 5 minutes a day, you will feel more energetic throughout the course of the day while kicking away all feelings of stress and depression. Meditating in nature is something that will allow your mind to feel calm.

5. Outdoor ExercisingA Man and Woman Stretching Happily

There is no specific time to break a sweat, but instead of doing it inside a packed gym, try doing it in an open space one time. What more could aid a workout than pleasant weather? Therefore, when you feel the weather is working in your favor, opt for outdoor exercising. Start off with basic cardio workouts, and then you can try tai chi or even Zumba.

6. RunningPeople Running Fast

For the majority, running is the best way to provide your body with relaxation and exercise. The reason why it is a productive hobby is that you get multiple benefits from it (Source: Runner’s World).

But instead of running on a treadmill, consider running in the open air.

This exercise and (soon to be) hobby will not only improve your physical appearance, but it will allow you to push through any mental obstructions or barriers that could be inhibiting your performance. To get the most out of this hobby, download your favorite songs on your phone, put your earphones in and turn the world off while you are running.

7. SportsLots of Sporting Equipment

Do a survey of the parks or recreational clubs in your area and see what they are offering. Involving yourself in sports in the open air is the best for your well-being. Similar to the benefits of running, playing sports will improve your physical health while helping you forget about anything that could be distracting you in your daily life.

8. HikingMan and Woman Hiking

For individuals that have a passion for experiencing nature to its fullest, hiking is the best option. Since hiking has become a popular sport, it is something that individuals tend to do almost every weekend.

Not only does it have many benefits for the health of our brain, but hiking also allows us to keep our minds worry-free as we focus on what is happening right now. Improving stamina and physical appearance is just a bonus with this hobby.

9. BikingA Man Cycling Alone

It is time to take your bike out of its dusty home and hit the road. Look for good trails or open roads in your neighborhood that are good for biking. Biking is a great hobby and it is a convenient way of getting from one place to another.

However, you must make sure you are wearing safety gear like a helmet, reflective vest, and have working taillights, and headlights on your bike.

10. Skateboarding or RollerbladingA Girl and Boy Skateboarding and Rollerblading

During the early hours, when the weather is a little chilly, that is the best time to involve yourself in skateboarding or rollerblading around the neighborhood. Although for newbies, it can be a little hard to get on their feet with skateboarding or rollerblading gear on, with a few tries and early falls, you will be able to learn it in no time!

11. FishingA Man Fishing Alone

If you have a day to spare, spend it on a peaceful lake. Take a fishing rod along just to maximize the fun you can have on the water. While promising a stronger upper body, this hobby will teach you resilience while it promotes relaxation and much more.

If you feel that you are not too experienced in this field, feel free to take a partner along with you. This way, you both can have a healthy competition on whose fish is larger while making your bond stronger. Source: Health Fitness Revolution

12. StargazingMany People Looking At the Starry Sky

As the sun begins to set, call up your favorite people, grab your favorite blanket, and head outdoors to see the play of beautiful stars twinkling in the dark, night sky. While admiring the beauty in front of your eyes, look out for known star patterns or create your own.

Try blocking out all external thoughts from your mind so you can live that moment to the fullest with your loved ones. Establish a better understanding and strengthen your bond while the night is still young.

13. GardeningA Person Planting a Pink Flower

Is there anything that could be more relaxing and relieving than gardening? Along with making the most of your free time, you are also adding a beautiful touch to your home. The reason why gardening is recommended is that it allows you to practice your multi-tasking and also teaches you how to manage multiple projects (in this case, the projects are the plants).

While some plants take longer to grow, some may need trims on a regular basis.

14. Flower ArrangementsA Woman Holding Flowers

Learning the art of arranging plants and flowers is fun and relaxing. While you learn about plant aesthetics, you are building a skill that could be helpful in the future. After mastering the art of arranging flowers aesthetically, move up a notch.

Start making flower crowns and other flower accessories that you could give to friends and family members, or even sell them.

15. BotanyTwo Hands Protecting a Plant

If gardening is not your cup of tea, opt for botany. Botany is the study of plants – all types of plants. From the fungi growing under rocks to tall trees, everything is botany. Download a plant identification app on your phone, so you can scan each plant you see in nature and learn more about it.

16. Picking FruitsFarmer Picking Fruits Alone

With seasonal fruits always in stock, it is your job to pick the right ones so you can take them back home and feast on them as you will. Look for a fruit harvesting community nearby or your local farmer’s market so you can become a member.

Fruit picking has become a hobby for many individuals, and it is something they highly enjoy.

17. WoodworkingA Person Working With Wood

Having a strong vision in your mind will aid you in building something great. While increasing your focus levels, you will also have a boost in self-esteem when you see your piece in front of your eyes.

Woodworking is something that allows individuals to feel happier and attain a sense of accomplishment. Learning about new techniques, materials, and skills will allow you to feel good about yourself while you become more willing to take on new challenges.

18. Knitting, Sewing, and CrochetingA Woman Knitting Alone

While passing your time productively, you can create a present for someone you love by putting in 100% effort. Knitting, sewing, and crocheting are all hobbies that require the same skills needed in a modern-day office, except the results are extremely different.

With your own hands, you will be able to create something wonderful and gift-worthy. Learning this skill will also prove to you that there is nothing that you can’t achieve!

19. Sidewalk Chalk ArtA Person Doing Chalk Art on Sidewalk

Sidewalk chalk art has recently gained popularity, and it is something that leaves everyone in awe. What you have to do is choose a sidewalk where you can unleash your inner artist and create optical illusions or works of art that no one has ever seen before. This hobby will allow you to feel a sense of self-accomplishment on different levels.

20. DaydreamA Man Laying In Grass Alone

Believe it or not, daydreaming can become a hobby. It is a practice that has many benefits, which is why it should be done on a daily basis (Source: Reader’s Digest: Best Health). Daydreaming allows you to look within yourself deeply so you can explore ideas you might never do or resort to your creative side. It allows you to recharge your mind and take a little escape from reality. So just take out 15 minutes from your day to wander off into alternate realities.


These are the top 20 meditative hobbies you can practice in nature! Choose one for yourself and make it a daily ritual.