Men doing yoga in a yoga class

Plenty of guys do yoga, but still more women go to yoga classes. I do yoga at home and at a yoga studio. I’ve been doing yoga for about 10 years. The fact is I’m usually one of the 10 percent or so of men in any yoga class I attend.

This is great news for yoga studios. There is a mammoth available market for yoga students. Yoga is growing. Yoga studios have an excellent business prospect further catering to men.

Yoga studios need not develop men’s-only curriculums in order to interest more men.

Think about integrating some or all of the following into a couple of classes each week.

The following are 7 suggestions for routines that can draw more men to your yoga classes.

1. Budokon

An amazing combination of yoga and martial arts. I possess the three Budokon DVDs. Budokon is an intense 40-minute workout. Doing these innovative DVDs will give you, as a yoga teacher, great ideas for getting inspired with your yoga classes.

2. Include weights in the yoga routine

3. Books about yoga for men.

4. DVD videos setting out yoga techniques for men.

5. Yoga incorporating weight/resistance training routines.

6. Integrate plenty of strength poses in your yoga lessons.

7. If you offer yoga vacations/retreats, stay at locations and include activities men will like.

The following are suggestions for spreading the word about your new yoga programs catering to men.

1. Award referral fees are an incredible method to encourage your existing yoga customers to promote for you.

2. Promote the fact many professional male athletes do yoga.

Explore some information, figures, and results about elite male athletes doing yoga, and then integrate this information in your advertising materials – whether on your blog, website, brochures, etc.

3. Promote yoga’s health benefits for men.

Investigate men-specific benefits so the information will resonate with men.

4. Include the above 3 points into all your marketing methods

Whether you have a blog, a website, advertise in printed materials, give out generous referral fees, etc.

Yoga benefits men and women equally. It’s a form of exercise and a lifestyle that can and does appeal to everyone.

It seems to me that more women doing yoga are a marketing issue. I understand yoga studios are reluctant to cater to men because men don’t attend. However, if men attended, then more classes would cater to men, and thus in turn attract more men.

There is a massive business opportunity in getting men to your yoga studio. Therefore, if you’re short on yoga students, distinguish your business model by attracting the half of the populace largely ignored by yoga studios.