A woman wearing high-quality activewear, resting on a concrete surface and taking a break from her yoga session.

Have you ever questioned if sportswear and activewear are the same things or whether they are two distinct types of clothes? If you thought they are the same, you are wrong!

Sportswear is referred to as sports clothes since it was developed specifically for use in sports. Meanwhile, activewear designates clothes that have been designed for working out.

For individuals engaged in an active lifestyle, yoga, and workouts, activewear and sportswear have emerged as fashion-forward trends. As for this article, I will share the difference between these two high-end quality athletic wear brands, GapFit and Lululemon.

What is GapFit?

A pair of GapFit High Rise Recycled Power Leggings in Navy Blue from Gap.

Source: Gap

GapFit is a worldwide clothing and accessory company that uses a contemporary, distinctive, and streamlined design to create its look. 

GapFit offers plenty of everyday wardrobe staples and workout clothes; they are an all-in-one shopping destination for casual American style. They also celebrate individual uniqueness and empowers you to be yourself.

What is Lululemon?

An Unlimit High-Rise Tight in Rhino Grey from Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

Lululemon is a high-end athletic clothing company that offers yoga, running, and training products, in addition to their regular line of clothes.

Lululemon supports an athletic lifestyle and encourages its customers to challenge themselves by going beyond their own limits.

What Do They Offer?

GapFit and Lululemon provide activewear for women such as tanks, sweatshirts, jackets, sports bras, leggings, yoga pants, tights, and many more. Alternatively, you may explore their respective online stores to find their sets and collections.

GapFit is an excellent option for individuals who want to get back on track with their fitness objectives but feel a bit sluggish. Designed for the active lifestyle, their GapFit Khakis line includes tank tops, shirts, leggings, and sports bras that are both fashionable and practical without being too frightening to wear in a busy gym.

GapFit clothing provides a wide variety of activity options for women and men that is based on stylish design, innovative technology, and user comfort. Breathe fabric and Aero Mesh are also included in the collection. It is both attractive and comfortable.

A Crossback Sports Bra in True Black from GapFit.

Source: Gap

Lululemon, on the other hand, offers yoga mats and other yoga-related goods in addition to swimwear, dresses, onesies, underwear, joggers, and accessories such as handbags, gloves, hats, hair accessories, scarves, socks, and water bottles.

Lululemon does not limit its wide selection of sportswear to only women’s fitness; they also provide alternatives for men who want to get in shape.

Where Can You Find Them?

There’s good news/advantage here: If you don’t have access to any of their stores in your area or country, you can still buy their products online. Visiting them if you are lucky is a great idea.

Gap has 3,688 company-operated or franchised shops in operation in 43 countries, with the capacity to ship to 90 countries. They also have shops in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States (including Puerto Rico) that are owned and run by the business; that outside of these countries are owned and operated by franchisees.

Meanwhile, Lululemon’s headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company has 521 shops in 17 countries worldwide, which are located on prominent street locations, significant hubs for lifestyle, and mall venues. Lululemon also intends to open physical shops in Asia and other parts of the United States in the near future.

What Is Both Brands’ History?

Gap was organized in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher, who were brothers, and is based in San Francisco, California. Gap (the eponymous banner), Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, Hill City, and Athleta make up the company’s six main divisions.

GapFit was created as a new lifestyle sub-brand to attract women interested in an active lifestyle. Their mission was to design a brand mark that could function as a true identity on its own while supporting the whole of the Gap brand.

Lululemon was established in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. They launched their first physical location in the city in November of 2000. The center began as a yoga studio from its outset, but it has since grown into a hub for healthy living, mindfulness, and lifestyle optimization.

A Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie in Black from Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

With that particular project, the principles of advancement, personal growth, and contribution are spread far and wide. They now have exceptional and professional athletes who focus on their physical well-being in the gym for an extended time.

Individuals who place a high value on their own personal physical achievement and are committed to their goals may benefit from adopting this brand as their motivation.

The Pros of Each Brand

The logo for GapFit is described as an abstract symbol for the letter “G,” which conveys the idea of flexibility and mobility. Because GapFit was created with utility in mind, they examined the usage that they were placing the clothing into and their consumers’ desire to wear the clothes again.

Both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts of GapFit will appreciate the comfort and breathability their lightweight items provide. Aside from that, the stylish looks may be integrated into your daily athleisure-inspired attire.

To better serve both the mind and the body, Lululemon was founded in an environment that places emphasis on one’s well-being. Instead, they’d be concerned with your capacity to best achieve things. They emphasize living and have garments to suit many needs, including going-to-work clothes, getting-a-meal outfits, and visiting-the-gym apparel.

Lululemon’s athletes and store ambassadors network gives you support as you go through your fitness path, and it encourages you to reach new limits. The athletes want to show their fans that sweating is not bad and that it is expected when they are exercising. Your potential is the most significant.


Aren’t GapFit and Lululemon both great brands to shop at? Which brand would be your go-to activewear style if you had to choose one?

A pair of Vintage Soft Classic Joggers in True Black from GapFit.

Source: Gap

In my opinion, GapFit is the best choice. I really like clothing in neutral hues since they can be readily matched with practically any style! It gives me minimalist chic vibes, and the fabrics are also quite comfortable! Their other collection and lines are definitely a good start if you are building your must-haves closet staples.