Frederick Marketing Software Review (for Yoga Studios)

After extensive discussions with the team behind Frederick, read my impressions of this marketing software. The most important thing about this is ...

Frederick Revenue Dashboard

It’s funny sometimes how we discover new things for business accidentally.  Sometimes something out-of-this-world comes along when we least expect it.

Take my discovering Frederick software as an example.

I learned about it from the team of a totally different software program.  Frederick was mentioned in passing, but piqued my interest enough that I took a look.

The website was interesting, but I quite a few specific question so I set up a call.

And that’s when the “out-of-this-world” moment hit.  5 minutes into the call, I realized that by happenstance, I discovered a marketing software solution that is something I think every class and/or appointment based business needs.  I’m serious.  This extensive review explains why.

In fact, I think this review will help explain exactly what Frederick does and why you need it if you care about attracting more yoga students (or appointment-based clients of any kind).

Fortunately, this software is dead-simple.

It offers 3 core features, all of which provide tremendous value.

In fact, I can’t believe it doesn’t cost more.  It should given the value it offers, but low pricing is to your benefit.

What is Frederick Software?

Frederick (click here for a special 14 day free trial) is automated marketing software for class and appointment based businesses.  They specifically serve the following industries:

  • Yoga studios/teachers
  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Massage Therapists
  • Gyms
  • Auto Repair

However, I think many other industries can use it as well… any business that books appointments.

Obviously for, our focus is to show how this can help your yoga studio attract more students.

The 3 Core Features and Why They’re so Valuable

1. Automatically fills vacant appointments/class spots


When your yoga studio earns revenue via appointments, including class spots, vacancies lose you money.

This cloud-based program helps by automatically sending emails to clients/students alerting them about the opening.  BUT, it goes one step further.  You can stipulate that the email includes a discount to book at the last minute as a sweet incentive to fill seats/classes.

For example:  Suppose you have 3 spots left in a yoga class 4 hours before the class.  You can set it so an email goes out to all students, or students likely to attend, offering a 25% discount to attend.

Another example:  Suppose you offer private yoga classes and a vacancy pops up. You can set the program to automatically email your students offering a 30% discount to claim the private lesson.

How does it do this?

It does this by syncing with most of the most popular scheduling based software platforms.

For example, MINDBODY is the yoga studio industry leading scheduling and business software.  Frederick syncs very easily in the backend with the MINDBODY scheduling software.

In fact, the people at Frederick will help you do this so you’ll be up and running very quickly.

2. Automatically gets student/client reviews for Google My Business


Every yoga studio, in my view, should work toward getting their Google My Business page to rank in the top 3 spots for the following Google search “Your town Yoga Studio”.  For example, if you have a studio in Boise, Idaho, you want have your Google My Business page show up in the top 3 spots for the Google search “Boise Yoga Studio”.

Fortunately, getting a top ranking for your Google My Business page isn’t that difficult in most towns and cities.  It may be difficult in New York City or Los Angeles (not impossible though), but not that difficult in most towns and smaller cities.

I wrote a full article on this here.

In a nutshell, the key factor is getting lots and lots of top reviews by students on your Yoga Studio Google My Business page.  The more positive reviews you get, all else being equal, the higher you’ll rank until you hit the top spot.


The trouble with this process is getting real and high quality reviews from your students.  The last thing you want to do is call them and email them all the time.

This is where Frederick comes in and can help automate getting positive reviews to your Google My Business page.

Here’s what happens.

After your students attend a class, you set it up so they receive an email.  The email asks them to rate their experience/class on a scale of 1 to 10.

If the student gives it a high rating, another email follows with the opportunity for the student to write a detailed review which they can also post to your Google My Business page.

If, however, the student clicks a low score on the first email (rate it on a scale of 1 to 10), the follow up email asking for a more detailed review will not be sent.

Talk about awesome.

In fact, this feature alone is well worth the cost and is a feature EVERY local business could use.

3. Automatically offers referral incentives to current students/clients


This is enormously powerful.

With this SAAS marketing program, you can set up a powerful automated incentive-based referral program.  Here’s how it works.

You choose the reward for your clients to send you referrals as well as the discount for those referrals.

You schedule the emails to go out to your students/clients letting them know of the rewards and discount.


You can offer students/clients a free class if they refer one student.  Moreover, you can set it up so that the referrals get a special offer such as 25% off.


This is just one example.

You can tier up the rewards so that the more referrals a person sends, the greater their reward.

Most importantly, this is all done automatically.

Finally, all of the referral emails and website pages include social media sharing buttons so that your students/clients can start generating referrals within seconds by posting to social media.

This feature can turn your happy students into an army of marketers for you for which they’re rewarded and their referrals get special discounts.

This is a true win/win/win.

=> Click here for a 14 day free trial of Frederick for your yoga studio

More Screenshots of this Software

In addition to the above, you can automate special offers to be sent to your students:




Wrap Up

This software isn’t terribly expensive.  It’s worth the price for any one feature set out above. But for all 3 features which work together to fill your yoga studio, this is a no-brainer… if you’re looking for more students.

2 features are designed to attract new students and one feature is all about increasing revenue from existing clientele.

=> Click here for a 14 day free trial of Frederick for your yoga studio

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