Masseur massaging woman's back with cupping system.

The advances in the health and beauty space have been enormous. Great, just in time for my trip to Aruba. I want to look goooooood, okay! People have come up with just about everything and anything that you can imagine – to beautify everything and anything on a human being.

But, have you heard of fascia? That’s fascia, not fuchsia – people. We’re not talking about deep pink – it’s deep tissue. Everybody wants to look good to some extent. We’ve all heard the phrase, “beauty starts from within”. Well, how do we get beautiful on the inside? One way is with body massagers!

The Fascia Blaster Vs. The Octopus Massager Vs. The Lure

A series of massage balls and rollers.

The body massager craze has many layers. One layer is fascia. This is a system of the human body that is just about everywhere inside us. It is the connective tissue that surrounds and connects our organs, joints, muscles – just about every single thing has connective tissue.

You see, you learn something new every day. We are not trying to score an A on a pre-med anatomy test. However, learning a little about fascia can help us understand how to choose the best body massager for us. This, in turn, can help us look better from the inside out.

Let’s Go Deeper – But Not Too Deep

According to medicine, fascia is a flat band of tissue below the skin that covers underlying tissues and separates different layers of tissue. Fascia also encloses muscles. There is much debate in the medical world about fascia.

However, for beauty purposes, fascia is important because it holds a lot of lymph functions, as well as being that part of our body that houses ugly, ugly cellulite. This is where the body massager comes in. A good body massager can be a tool against cellulite. Aruba Beach body – here I come!

For the purposes of this article, we’ll call it fascia busting. That’s because fascia blasting is too close to one of our brands of discussion The Fascia Blaster. Let’s bust through some fascia facts and remedies, shall we?

What Is The Fascia Blaster?

FasciaBlaster (FasciaBlaster)
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The fascia blaster is a massager. It was invented by Ashley Black, a health enthusiast, inventor, and survivor. Ashley has survived many health challenges by creating remedies for herself. Ta-da The Fascia Blaster! This is a very specific tool line that has been on the public market for a relatively short time.

However, the website boasts that hundreds of athletes and celebrities have used The Fascia Blaster for years. They also say that getting fascia organized in your body is like combing through knots in your hair. Essentially, a well-organized fascia is cellulite-free. No more lumps or bumps. The lymph nodes are smoothed out as well. As a result, your skin looks more tone.

What Is The Octopus Massager?

Apollo23 - Hand-Held Octopus Effective Massager Massage Back Neck Shoulders Legs Arms, Random Color
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The octopus massager is a method that incorporates fascia smoothing as well. There are several types of octopus massagers, and it is a more generalized category. The tentacles or massagers protrude from the head of the “octopus”. The octopus massagers look different depending upon the manufacturer and the part of the body that is being massaged.

Scalp Massagers, Handheld Head Massage Tingler, Scratcher for Deep Relaxation, Hair Stimulation and Stress Relief (2 Pack, Random Colors)
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Octopus massagers include massagers for the scalp and different areas of the body. The massagers have varying amounts of tentacles or arms – not just eight.  To really invigorate and stimulate the scalp, these massagers may be made of plastic or metal.

As we said, fascia is all over the body. Everywhere, from head to toe can benefit from the organizing and smoothing techniques incorporated in fascia massage.

What Is The Lure?

Advanced Cupping Therapy Sets - Edge Flex Silicone Vacuum Suction Cupping Cups for Muscle and Joint Pain Cellulite & More (Brilliant Blue, 4)
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The Lure is yet another fascia massage product line that takes fascia busting to a different level. The Lure approach to fascia interfacing sucks – but in a good way. The Lure program actually works by suctioning the skin and thereby, the fascia.

This very efficient and specific suctioning rejuvenates the fascia and brings health to it. The suction lifts unwanted materials and over-collected lymph out from their hiding places in the fascia so that it can just circulate through your body and be excreted.

The science behind these three fascia massage systems is very detailed and can be studied in depth. We just want to get beautiful for the beach. However, we want to be sensitive to those who want to do in-depth scientific research. Be encouraged, go for it!

Are We Going Fishing Or Are We Busting Cellulite? – The Differences With The Massagers

A blue octopus massager.

Two of the massagers have aquatic-themed titles The Lure brings up images of a fishing lure, while the octopus massager has us thinking we’re in the ocean deep. The manufacturers wanted us to have a little fun while we’re getting beautiful.

There are many differences between the three major subtypes. What is so beautiful about all three products, despite the prices you may pay is that an emphasis on health and wellness is at the center of each. For this reason, they are all win-win solutions.

The Cost: Which Massager Is The Best Bust For Your Buck?

Blaster On-The-Go Kit
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The Fascia Blaster is a trademark tool. Currently, a Fascia Blaster Elite Starter kit runs at around $130. This tool is a basic tool and there are many Fascia Blaster tools that are used for specific areas of the body. There is a Fascia Blaster just for the face and a Fascia Blaster Paddle, as well.

Man being massaged using capillary head massager.

The octopus massager is a more diversely manufactured item. Anybody and everyone has been involved in the manufacture of this particular massager. Some octopus massagers actually have a grip or head that looks like an octopus with large eyes nose and so on. Others don’t have that particular feature, however, they are still considered to be a part of the “octopus massager” subtype.

Bliss Face and Body Cupping Therapy Set - Includes Facial Cups for Cupping and Anti-Cellulite Cups - Release Fascia, Lymphatic Drainage, Natural Pain Relief
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They have a price range anywhere from $7 to $20 or $30. The Lure essentials program costs anywhere from $30-$40. With both The Lure and The Fascia Blaster programs there are cost differentials if you go onto their websites or if you buy the products from a big-box retailer.

No Squid Here: The Materials That Make The Magic

Close up of a scalp massager.

The popular song, “Do You Believe In Magic?”, from 1960 reminds me of these three body massage options. The only difference would be the song. I’d change it to “Do You Believe in Plastic?” Can you believe that these three health and beauty regimens are all made of plastic?

This is the idea of believing in magic and plastic at the same time. As mentioned, some octopus scalp massagers have metal tentacles. The Lure Essentials system utilizes high-quality silicon.

Look Of LOVE, It’s All In The Design

Pink octopus massager on top of a wooden surface.

These items are designed by engineers who create with love and science. For example, The Lure provides its suction in either a short and more flattened cup or an elongated cup. The Lure actually markets itself as the “cupping movement”.

The colorful cups are made with soft silicone and are designed for gentle yet effective suctioning power of your fascia layer. The Lure is also designed to have specific applications. You have to be instructed as to how to properly apply The Lure system to your face or other body parts.

The Fascia Blaster has two handles on either side and a center with many short protruding plastic tentacles. Proper application is a learned process. There is a website and instructions that go along with your Fascia Blaster. Though the process is easy, it is something that you have to learn and practice. The Fascia Blaster for the face is the same concept but smaller and has a handle that avails itself to facial massage.

The Fascia Blaster system also has oils that are designed to work with the Fascia Blaster efficiently. The system is designed for use on skin that is oiled or at least moist and damp from the shower. It is not recommended for use on dry skin.

The octopus massager comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Generally, the one that’s used for the body is made from plastic and designed to have a larger part in your hand and the smaller massagers protrude. However, in the case of the scalp octopus massager, the handle would be the “head” and the tentacles are the narrow metal or plastic massagers that actually come in contact with your skin.

The octopus massager also stresses the fact that a lot of energy doesn’t have to be used by the masseuse whether it is you or someone else. Because the head of the octopus massager is larger it makes the energy distribution to the tentacles or massagers even and with less need for energy exertion.

Will My New Massager Stand The Test Of Time?

All the massages are durable. They are designed to stand the test of time and multiple uses. Some people do fascia busting every single day. As a result, The Lure is made from highly durable silicon. The massagers carry varying warranties and replacement agreements, as well.

What Have You Done For Me Lately? The Specifics

Woman's feet holding a blue fascia roll.

Fascia busting is all connected to health, beauty, and an overall sense of feeling good. Each of these systems is designed to do just that. They are designed to make you feel better, look better, and have an overall better quality of life.

The Lure Essentials system places more emphasis on lymph removal and excretion. It is not designed to give a therapeutic massage effect. It is a cupping system and while it interfaces with fascia, it is not designed for pain eradication except as it relates to lymph.

The Fascia Blaster and the octopus massager are very similar in how they address pain management, as well as beauty management. Fascia is also addressed in how certain exercises are performed and how certain exercise equipment is used. Just like it occurs in our body, fascia is a large part of the medical, and health, and beauty space today.

When it comes to massage, The Fascia Blaster and the octopus massager are very similar. They are marketed toward the athlete, the pain sufferers, as well as the beauty consumer. The major benefit of The Fascia Blaster is that it is a cohesive system.

There are one founder and one line of products. As a result, there is more accountability if a problem arises. If the application of The Fascia Blasting system causes an issue, it is easy to find the responsible party. On the other hand, the octopus massagers come in all different shapes sizes, and forms.

They are manufactured by various entities with varying levels of the science behind the manufacture. There may not be a resource to speak with regarding specific questions and uses for the octopus massagers. There are no specific instructions on how to use the product.

The octopus massager appears to be more of an introductory level of fascia busting. While it works on many of the same principles it is touted as more of a deep massage tool, as opposed to a fascia busting tool. The octopus massager is marketed to tout more of its deep massage benefits. The fascia busting is what produces these benefits, however, it is not marketed as a buster.

If you want to try fascia busting as a novice, getting an octopus massager is a smaller investment and an easier application. The Fascia Blaster has set instructions and should be used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. In other words, how deep into the fascia do you want to go? Like The Bee Gees sang, “How Deep Is Your Love?”

Woman enjoying a massage.

Ahhh, I Can Really Use A Massage

Taking care of your body and its connective tissue goes deeper than a simple back massage. This puts your well-being in your hands. 

All of these systems are more beneficial than your average back rub. And this is simply because there is more of a concentration of energy in a particular area. A back massage cannot give you the multi-pronged approach, (pun intended), of a Fascia Blaster, an octopus massager, or a Lure Essentials.

By the same token, a Lure cupping session will give more concentrated suction power to a particular area. A back massage while it can release a lot of lymph, will not give suction power to the massage.

Learning more about feeling good is always a good expenditure of time. It’s time for you to get out there and find which body massager system is best for you. If you didn’t know about fascia before, now you do.

Now you know that there’s a whole system that keeps us together and keeps us looking good right under our skin. In fact, one of the three different types of fascia includes the one that is part of the dermis layer! You are well worth the money spent on each system. Give them all a try, and see which one appeals to you. They are all different, yet they have the same goal in mind A better you.