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What if you could target your yoga marketing website(s) and services to people who do yoga, are interested in yoga AND live in your area? I think you’d agree with me that this would be a very efficient form of advertising. Better yet, what if you could do it for free or at a cost that you can track and control so that you’ll profit from every dollar spent?

Introducing Facebook Ads for your yoga marketing. Facebook Ads are growing in popularity for businesses because of the low cost in extremely targeted exposure. If you use Facebook, you know that you (and millions of other users) voluntarily provide Facebook all kinds of personal information – location, gender, interests, education, etc.

Obviously, this information is part of the user experience in Facebook, but it’s also used for Facebook advertising. Advertisers can then choose with a fair amount of precision, who views their ads.

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How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook ads are the ads (usually with a photo) on the right side of a page. When someone clicks into the ad, the advertiser pays for that click. What’s terrific for advertisers is your ads only appear on the Facebook pages of your targeted people.

What about the no-cost element?

There are two ways you can use Facebook ads – to encourage clicks OR for branding. I encourage both approaches, but if you wish to keep your costs down, you can use Facebook ads for branding your yoga business. Note, however, that over time, ads that don’t receive clicks get less prominent placement.

That said, until that occurs, you enjoy the widespread branding of your yoga business for very little or no cost. I learned how to execute both of these strategies with Facebook Ad Power (you don’t need this course to do Facebook ads well, but I found the course saved me a great deal of time in creating effective Facebook ads).

Proceed with caution

Facebook Restrictions

Facebook’s success is based on its Facebook community and user experience. Facebook wants to ensure it does not annoy its community with inappropriate advertising. This means Facebook has some stringent restrictions and guidelines for the ad content (including photographs used).

If you violate these restrictions and guidelines too many times, your ad account may be in jeopardy.  This is why it is imperative you do your yoga marketing with Facebook ads by the book.

That said, you can be creative with your photographs and the amount of content you can place in your ads is great.  You can actually place a decent amount of copywriting in the ad to brand and entice your targeted audience.

Conversion is critical

In order for your efforts and investment to pay off, it’s critical you write compelling copy and choose great images for your ads. It’s amazing what great copy and a well-selected photograph can do for conversion rates and branding.

Doing Facebook Ads the Right Way for Yoga Marketing

I’m not an avid Facebook user, and frankly, I ignored Facebook Ads until recently. I was introduced to Facebook Ads through Facebook Ad Power, which sold me on the fact that when done well, Facebook Ads can generate both traffic and branding. I knew zip about properly creating Facebook ads, so I bought the Facebook Ad Power program to get a crash course in Facebook advertising.

I found it very helpful. Ryan Deiss did a lot of testing with Facebook ads to see what worked and what didn’t work. He also learned ad accounts can be canceled.

Regardless of whether you check out the Facebook Ad Power course, at the very least go to Facebook and toy around with advertising. Again, you can control the cost, and the best part is – you can target people who do yoga in your area.

A final note on Facebook users – as I said, I’m not a big Facebook user – but I know many people are. I also know that people access their Facebook pages often more than one time each day, and stay there for minutes or hours at a time. When your ad is displayed on that page – just think of that long-term exposure.

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