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  • An athlete using a foam roller to stretch his legs.

    13 Different Types of Foam Rollers

    When it comes to yoga, foam rollers can be your best friend. Foam rollers are made entirely to help your body stretch and relieve tension in ways you never would’ve imagined. But, just as there are various types of yoga, there are also a few different types of foam rollers for you to choose from. […] More

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    12 Alternatives to Ear Plugs (For Sleeping and Noisy Environments)

    Some people find ear plugs as comfortable devices that work efficiently for reducing noise. While some are designed for multiple use, long-term usage of ear plugs can lead to some infections. There are also those people who don’t feel comfortable wearing ear plugs. If you’re a light sleeper and live close to a noisy highway […] More

  • A woman exercising with an indoor cycling machine.

    Benefits of Indoor Cycling

    Curious about indoor cycling? This popular workout style combines high intensity, low impact cardio with positive, upbeat classes, and opportunities for working out at home. But is indoor cycling right for you? Learn about the benefits of indoor cycling, an awesome way to get your heart pumping! Low Impact For those looking for a workout […] More

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    8 Stretches to Do at Night Before Sleep

    So many of us spend the day sitting while we type away at the computer or talk on the phone. Once the daytime work is done, then it is time to relax by sitting and watching TV or gaming. Americans on average spend at least 13 hours every day sitting. It is surprising how little […] More

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    Gentle Yoga Poses (Foundational Sequences for Yoga Teachers)

    While Gentle Yoga sounds somewhat simplistic and easy, it is a type of yoga practice that is as important as any other style available. Gentle Yoga allows all people to participate and enjoy yoga. Gentle Yoga is not overly intense but is disciplined and calming. It is the practice of sequential yoga pose with a […] More

  • A row of women stretching their backs.

    Back Stretches for Flexibility (4 Ways to Get a More Flexible Back)

    Having flexibility in the back is not just about being able to participate in certain sports. While it is helpful for activities such as gymnastics, figure skating, and dance, good flexibility helps with overall comfort and health as well. Having a flexible back helps to prevent lower back pain along with correcting posture issues. Working […] More

  • A woman doing a yoga position while lying on her back.

    A Gentle Yoga Sequence to Target Your Nerves

    Practicing yoga is often used to help with pain prevention and management. Using a gentle yoga sequence to target the nerves and protect their ability to send signals throughout the body is important. Pain science continues to offer new information and those who use yoga can now use modern research to help them create sequences […] More

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