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    Fascia Blaster vs. Octopus Massager vs. Lure

    The advances in the health and beauty space have been enormous. Great, just in time for my trip to Aruba. I want to look goooooood, okay! People have come up with just about everything and anything that you can imagine – to beautify everything and anything on a human being. But, have you heard of fascia? […] More

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    How to Use a Spiky Massage Ball on Foot

    We’ve all been there, the feeling of being dead tired on our feet. After a long day, I oftentimes feel like I could have a lot more energy to help with homework, clean up the kitchen or just, you know, actually get to enjoy my evenings. But I just get this sort of pain in […] More

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    How to Make Your Feet More Flexible

    Your feet and ankles are one of the most important parts of your body. They contain almost a quarter of all your bones. These tiny yet mighty bones are bound together with a complicated but elegant system of fascia, ligaments, and muscles. Feet act like shock absorbers, handling one and a half times your body […] More

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    What to Wear to a Massage

    Some people walk into their booked massage room, toss their robe aside, and strike a fully nude power pose. Others use up all their willpower prying off their beanie. Then they collapse, fully dressed, onto the table. Between these two exaggerated extremes are the rest of us. We are people who may not be fully […] More

  • A man having a deep tissue massage on his upper back.

    Deep Tissue Massage (Benefits and Side Effects)

    When most people think of getting a massage, they think of low lighting, soothing music, and aroma-infused lotions. In other words, they think of relaxation. They don’t think about a grueling 90-minute session that feels a little like a marathon. While deep tissue massage uses the same relaxing atmosphere and scented oils as other forms of […] More

  • A foam roller and a couple of massage balls on a white surface.

    Massage Ball vs. Foam Roller (Which is Right for You?)

    Look around your gym. You probably see people rolling themselves over big rubber cylinders or small balls. They aren’t just amateur contortionists working out their stress; they’re also working out knots of tension in their muscles. The process is called self-myofascial release. The idea is to roll your body over small, firm objects to relieve […] More

  • Man and woman doing core exercises while using a foam roller on the floor.

    NextRoller vs. Hyperice (Choosing the Right Vibrating Roller)

    Rollers based on the age-old concept of vibration therapy are cropping up everywhere, but are some products are more effective than others? In this article, we look at two popular vibrating rollers, NextRoller and Hyperice, along with its more up-to-date version, Hypervolt. Tales of Two Rollers Faith Ellos is a model of fitness. Once focused on […] More

  • A physical therapist using a massage ball on woman's neck.

    How to Use a Massage Ball on Neck

    Deep tissue massages can be a pain, figuratively and literally. It starts out with a drive through traffic to the spa and swiping your credit card. Then one of those masseuses with hands of iron attacks your sore places with all their strength. An old joke about deep massages is that you ‘limp in’ due […] More

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    Trigger Point Grid Vibe vs. Hyperice (Which is Right for You?)

    You’ve probably seen the flashy commercials. You may have listened to your personal trainer rave about them. You go into your favorite sporting goods store and see them laid out on the shelves, beckoning you… until you see the price tag. Now that’s a little different from the inexpensive foam rollers that you’re used to! […] More

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    25 of the Best Yoga Podcasts

    Today’s world seems more stressful and busy than any other point in history. Most people need extra-long workdays and multiple streams of income to survive.  Parents of small children find that extracurricular activities can require large commitments of money and time. Against this backdrop, research regularly reminds us of the devastating impact that stress can […] More

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    Yoga vs. Meditation (What are the Differences and Similarities?)

    The ancient practices of yoga and meditation are a foreign concept to some. Many people associate yoga with twisting your body into a pretzel shape. Some view meditation solely as some type of religious experience or it is otherwise misunderstood. Let’s take a moment to talk about the similarities and differences between these two practices. What […] More

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