Is Your Yoga Studio Website Boring? If So, Do This

If you’re here, you’re likely a yoga teacher, yoga studio owner or aspire for either.

If one of the above, I’m willing to bet my last dollar that you’ve attended a yoga class or two as a student.  Probably hundreds of classes.

Here’s something to munch on.

Think back to the yoga teachers you’ve had that resonated with you.  Which ones stick out?  List 3 of them.

Now, what was it about those 3 teachers that made such an impression on you?

  • Was it the yoga routine?
  • Was it their personality?
  • Was it their skill?
  • Was it their commentary?

I bet when you boil it down, assuming the routine was decent, it was their personality that sticks out.

I know for me, memorable teachers are memorable because of their personality.  Winning personality to be specific.

It surely wasn’t the fact they could do some amazing poses.  It wasn’t the routine.  Most certified yoga teachers put together solid routines.

It was their personality that made the class.

Now consider your teaching.  Do you inject personality in your classes?  Or do you go through the motions?

I encourage you to let loose and have fun with your students.  Be enthusiastic.  Be kind and caring.  Be something other than just a teacher.

Yes, I’m getting to the point pertaining to online marketing for yoga studios.

Let’s take this “inject personality into classes” concept and apply it to your yoga studio website.

Have you read the content on your yoga studio website?  Is it corporate or does it bubble with your personality?

If it’s the usual humdrum business website, you should rethink it.

Your website is your main online selling tool. Drab, blah and humdrum don’t sell.

Inject your personality into the words, images and videos.  You definitely want to do so in your blog posts.

Write with excitement, passion, empathy, love and/or humor.  Give the cadence and words your personality.  That’s what prospective students want to read.  They want to get a sense of what the experience your studio offers.  You can have the most beautiful studio in the world, but if the teaching is dull, the experience is dull.

Maybe you know this about teaching and you teach with gusto; it’s something your students love about you.

Have you injected this into your website copy?  Images?

If not, give it a try.  Make some changes.  Add some of you into the copy.

If you’re a bad writer, record yourself and transcribe it.  You’ll need to clean it up a bit, but that spoken text will be you on paper (or on screen).  You want that on your site.  Prospective students who visit your site want that on the site.  Kickstart your studio’s experience for them on your site.

You won’t win over everyone.  Never try to.

But you’ll definitely win over some people and that could be more people a corp-speak website.  More to the point, the people you win over will be more likely to love your studio and return.

And it’s loyal, returning students your studio needs.


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