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Alo Yoga was created to inspire yogis and about-to-be yogis to incorporate more yoga into their life for improved wellbeing and mindfulness. They strive to make some of the most comfortable, diverse, and amazing lines of yoga clothing in the world.

Through their brand, they want to promote mindful movement throughout the community. Alo Yoga’s philosophy is that mindful movement can lead to better living. This is why they want to make yoga an inherent part of life instead of just practicing on the mat.

Despite being such a huge brand name, there is plenty that you may not know about Alo Yoga. Here are just a few things that you may not know!

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1. Alo Yoga Was Founded in Los Angeles

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In 2007, the founders of the Alo Yoga brand opened their doors to spread goodness into the world. They wanted to bring yoga to the world so that anyone could experience the transformative power that incorporating yoga into your life can bring.

2. It Is Not Just a Brand for the Mat

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While it definitely elevates the practice of yoga on the mat to another level, the founders insist that it isn’t just for the mat. They design every piece of clothing with comfort in mind so that you can wear contemporary styles anywhere. This ensures that Alo Yoga is a street brand, not just a mat brand.

They strive for such designs because Alo Yoga feels like garments that carry onto the street and inspire an individual to live consciously. For them, once you put on Alo Yoga, you will be able to celebrate life and take mindful steps.

They design clothes keeping in mind what the fashion dynamic of men and women are in the real world. They apply these trends to the yoga clothing design to ensure that they create something for the yogi and also the person in you.

3. Alo Yoga Is the Preferred Brand for Many Celebrities

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Alo Yoga clothing is the perfect blend of workout and street clothing. This is why it is a great comfortable option for many celebrities who strive to stay fit. Some names you may know who have worn Alo Yoga include Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin. Their contemporary designs pair really well with just about any outfit.

4. They Have Inspired Many Yogis

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Some of the most influential yogis happen to teach at the Alo Yoga headquarters because they relate to Alo Yoga’s philosophy; the deeply shared belief to incorporate mindful movement into our lives so that we can all feel the healing and transformative power of yoga. This is how they continue to inspire people across the globe to aspire towards a better living standard.

5. It Is an Eco-Friendly Brand

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Alo Yoga wanted to inspire a true better living lifestyle. For that, they wanted to ensure that they were the perfect model to make that claim. Their headquarters is solar-powered so that they don’t contribute to wastage and instead, rely on non-renewable resources. In order to save water consumption, they use low-water dyes on all their clothing to get great results and yet save water.

All the employees practice yoga twice a day at the built-in studio for better health and fitness. They have also installed electric-car charging stations in their offices to promote eco-friendly fuel consumption.

Their office’s advanced recycling program ensures that they don’t waste more than that of a small household so that their carbon footprint is as low as possible. All meetings between employees are held in the meditative zen garden by the fountains to promote wellness and soothing feelings.

The office is also dog-friendly since furry friends are known to have a positive impact on the mind. Alo Yoga attempts to live mindfully in every way they can so that their efforts to promote better living look like they come from a real, genuine place.

6. Alo Yoga Is Sweatshop Free

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Alo Yoga also boasts that they are 100% sweatshop-free, and reports have shown this to be true. They have managed to achieve globally accredited platinum certification from WRAP. WRAP is one of the largest independent watchdog bodies in the world, and accreditation from them means that Alo Yoga is doing something right.

It verifies that their offices and factories operate in humane and ethical ways. No sewing facility under Alo Yoga is left unchecked and has an Alo Yoga employee overseeing day-to-day practices to ensure that there are no issues.

7. Alo Yoga Gives Is for the Children

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Alo Gives was launched to improve the lives of millions of children around the world. It brings children in touch with yoga and meditation. This can help them quiet their minds and mute any negativity around them. It ensures that they gain focus, learns more easily, and remain calm during challenges.

Alo Yoga has partnered with Scholastic to connect with classrooms around the world. Here, teachers and parents can access the emotional and social learning-based curriculum which can enhance the lives of millions.

It includes 2 mindfulness exercises, 3 yoga classes, and a printable worksheet that is based on the weekly theme. Each video is only 5 minutes long and can be done in classrooms, which is enough to encourage children to become fitter, healthier, and mindful.

The course is divided over 12 weeks, and each week has its own theme as follows:

  1. Be flexible
  2. Be brave
  3. Be strong
  4. Be focused
  5. Be kind
  6. Be balanced
  7. Be green
  8. Be creative
  9. Be positive
  10. Be empathetic
  11. Be patient
  12. Be present

Each week teaches the child something new and has different yoga and meditation instructions accordingly.

8. Alo Yoga Has Exceptional Performance Records

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Alo Yoga has made considerable advances in its performance yoga clothing lines. Yogis around the world choose to wear it due to this very reason. It is engineered using the most advanced techniques which ensure that the cloth provides support and lift.

The clothe uses dry-wicking technology to manage sweat and is made out of antimicrobial fabric, which ensures there is no unpleasant scent even after hours of yoga. It sculpts against the skin of the body to ensure that you are comfortable doing asanas.

The fabric has a great memory technology and stretch, which boosts performance for yogis since it contours and compresses like no other fabric.

9. Alo Yoga Is Obsessed with the Fit

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In yoga, it is really important that the clothing fits the person well. Every piece needs to sculpt against the body so that there are no issues while doing asanas and poses. Alo Yoga is obsessed with getting its customers the perfect fit in every piece of clothing. They do several different technical testing fits every size and piece that they make.

This adds up to thousands of fittings every season, but it is important to Alo Yoga to ensure that their customers get what they pay for. The garments are even tried again once they arrive at the yoga studio Alo Yoga headquarters before they go for mass production.

10. Alo Yoga Has Plenty of Discounts

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Alo Yoga has always supported yogis and teachers under their brand. They want to spread yoga, which is why they always have a special discount package available for yoga instructors. All they have to do is set up an application with Alo Yoga, and they can avail it at any time.

They also offer first-time buyers a 10% discount to encourage them to incorporate Alo Yoga into their lives. Consumers also earn $25 every time they refer Alo Yoga to a new individual. They also have various sales on their products all the time, which is always fun.

11. Alo Yoga Ships Internationally

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Alo Yoga has become a global phenomenon, which ensures that they ship almost everywhere in the world. They have a list of countries that they handle directly, as well as many other shopping entities like Amazon that cater to them.

12. Alo Yoga Provides Complimentary Hemming Services

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The thing about Alo Yoga is that they are an advanced clothing brand that hinges on the fit and contemporary design of their items of clothing. They want to ensure that every consumer of Alo yoga clothing can benefit from both of these components.

This is why they provide complimentary hemming for all pants and leggings in the store. They hem the clothing to your desired length as long as it doesn’t alter the intent of the original design.

13. Alo Yoga Has Yoga Challenges

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Alo Yoga’s Instagram has become a really inclusive and happy community. Through this platform, Alo Yoga encourages people to incorporate yoga into their lives by participating in different yoga challenges every few weeks. There are many challenges that can last from one day to a few weeks where participants have to remain involved.

Challenges include #BringBendyBack, #TimeToFlipTheGrip, and #StrengthenTheAsana. Each challenge is designed to inspire the yogi in you and motivate you to keep doing yoga every day. It also encourages people to try a new aspect of yoga every day.

14. Alo Yoga Has a Smartphone Application

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Yoga needs to become a part of our daily routines to ensure that we can truly benefit from the transformative powers of healing yoga. However, many of us don’t have the time to visit the local yoga studio every day for a workout. For such people, Alo Yoga has introduced the Alo Moves application.

The app gives individuals access to thousands of videos that can be opened anywhere. There are individual video classes that you can take, as well as video series that focus on one theme to keep you focused. You can use the app to practice yoga whenever you get some free time, such as a 15-minute workout before work or a quick practice at lunchtime.

The application has also helped people calm down, especially when they are feeling stressed or anxious. The meditating and breathing classes create a soothing environment for people to calm down as well as cripple their anxiety. It can be really great for many people who face tension, stress, or general anxiety.

15. Alo Yoga Has a Size Guide

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The thing that Alo Yoga prides itself on is the fit. To ensure that you find the perfect size for your workout, Alo Yoga has developed a unique size metric that can help you find the right workout clothes. By following the guidelines, you will definitely find the right piece of clothing to bring a real change into your workout routines.

16. Alo Yoga Has a Blog

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If you want to learn more about Alo Yoga, this is definitely the place to be. It explores new yoga techniques, famous yogis, different styles of yoga, innovations in yoga clothing, benefits of asanas, and so much more. It allows people to interact with the world of yoga in a more productive way since they get to learn more about it.


Alo Yoga has become a world-renowned brand because it practices what it preaches. It has tried its best to ensure that it becomes a brand that inspires wellbeing and mindful movement on and off the mat. For this, it has made significant advances in how the company, the production, and the management are conducted.

It has also created many different ventures that promote the transformative healing of yoga. This makes Alo Yoga one of the best yoga clothing lines in the world.