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Yoga Baron is a Yoga Blog focusing on starting, building, and running a yoga business, particularly a yoga studio.  Categories include yoga business, marketing, technology, productivity, the latest yoga news, insurance, customers service, and more.

I’m an avid yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, husband, and blogger.  My interests span from doing yoga and meditating, to the business of yoga and the emergence of yoga and technology.  I also love getting out on the water in my kayak or surfboard.

My introduction to yoga was during the late 1990’s when as a weightlifter and runner, I stumbled upon Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birtch.  I was intrigued by Ms. Bender’s book because I thought it would complement weightlifting and running.  Power Yoga is a terrific physical practice.  In fact, soon “Power Yoga” became my primary fitness vehicle.  I liked that it developed strength, flexibility, and aerobic ability all at one time.

Introducing Meditation and Yin Yoga

About 6 years ago, my interest in yoga deepened into meditation and branching out into other yoga styles.  It didn’t take long for me to include yin yoga into my life because yin yoga is a great contemplative yoga style.

Weightlifting now complements yoga.  I run rarely, opting instead to walk and kayak with my beautiful wife.

Technology and the Business of Yoga

Over the last 10 years of my yoga practice, I’ve graduated from law and MBA programs to lawyer and entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur, marketing, technology and productivity are very important in my business endeavors.

I embrace technology in my yoga practice.  In fact, in my experience, information technology has been a boon to yoga, yoga teachers, and the yoga business.  Learning and doing yoga is terrifically accessible with technology; it’s certainly been a plus in my yoga practice.  Hence, the Yoga Baron Yoga Blog discusses, in addition to my yoga experience, the yoga business, yoga marketing, yoga technology, and of course the yoga life.

Why another Yoga Blog?

There are plenty of great yoga blogs and meditation blogs; what do I have to offer?  My experience for one.  But also I would like to contribute to the yoga community on topics such as the business of yoga, marketing, and technology.  I’ve already read about the ongoing debate of whether yoga is becoming too commercialized.  I don’t think yoga is too commercialized; in fact I encourage yoga’s growth.  That said, I appreciate the opinions contrary to mine.

There is of course a lot more I could say about me, but I think that’s enough for this section of this blog.  Besides, I’d rather read what people have to say, what they know, think, and experienced, rather than read about them.  I’m sure you’re the same.

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