Sanja Bodiroga - certified yoga teacher and yoga studio owner

Yoga Baron is a Yoga blog focusing on starting, building, and running a yoga business, particularly a yoga studio as well as yoga apparel, gear and practice tips, info and guides.

I’m an avid yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, husband, father and blogger.  My interests span from doing yoga and meditating, to the business of yoga and the emergence of yoga and technology.  I also love getting out on the water in my kayak or surfboard.

My introduction to yoga was during the late 1990s when as a weightlifter and runner, I stumbled upon Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birtch.  I was intrigued by Ms. Bender’s book because I thought it would complement weightlifting and running.  Power Yoga is a terrific physical practice.  In fact, soon “Power Yoga” became my primary fitness vehicle.  I liked that it developed strength, flexibility, and aerobic ability all at one time.

Technology and the Business of Yoga

Over the last 10 years of my yoga practice, I’ve graduated from law and MBA programs to lawyer and entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur, marketing, technology and productivity are very important in my business endeavors.

I embrace technology in my yoga practice.  In fact, in my experience, information technology has been a boon to yoga, yoga teachers, and the yoga business.  Learning and doing yoga is terrifically accessible with technology; it’s certainly been a plus in my yoga practice.  Hence, the Yoga Baron Yoga Blog discusses, in addition to my yoga experience, the yoga business, yoga marketing, yoga technology, and of course the yoga life.

Sanja Bodiroga

Sanja Bodiroga - certified yoga teacher and yoga studio ownerSanja obtained her 200 hour Hatha Yoga certificate in 2007 via “Joga Savez Srbije” (Yoga Federation of Serbia).

In addition to joining, she is the CEO and co-founder of “Yoga Center Sanja Bodiroga – Living Yoga”

Sanja Bodiroga has joined since our expansion into yoga practice articles and content.  Here’s more about Sanja Bodiroga.

Sanja studied Transactional analysis and sails the divine seas of life throughout love, yoga, writing, photography, singing, dancing, drawing/painting, raw and vegan food cooking, IT, software programming, web design.

Sanja is internationally certified Hatha yoga instructor. Her inner calling and passion is to inspire others to live more healthier, more creative, more relaxed life through yoga, goals settings, healthier lifestyle choices.

“Exploration of the depths of the soul and the spirit was always calling me, was part of me. Yoga granted me with multi dimensional revelations, insights, transformation. Throughout process of transformation we become aware of our inner self, oneness with the Universe and truth that with being into love we are existing in eternity.â€

Sanja is teaching yoga, meditation classes to children and adults, individual, group, corporate classes are also provided. One of her’s corporate clients was international marketing research company “GfK†Belgrade.

In 2010 she taught yoga in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the holistic center “Lago Cph†and befriended with amazing and loving people there.

In 2011 she traveled to India, for the first time, to deepen her yoga practise at “Sivananda’s Ashram†in Neyyar Dam and fell in love with Bharat Mata – Mother India.

In 2013, as one of her dreams, she established “Yoga Center Sanja Bodiroga – Living Yogaâ€.

“Certification is not something that determinates a good yoga instructor/teacher. It is about love, dedication, discipline, constant yoga sadhana, learning, experiences, insights. Only when we experience and understand the depth of the yoga and teaching itself, we are able to spread the knowledge and insights further.â€

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