10 WordPress Themes Ideal for Yoga Studios & Teachers

It was only a few short years ago that I paid a website designer more than $3,000 for a simple five page website.

That’s a TON of money for a website.  Since then I’ve built dozens, if not hundreds of websites, and the cumulative cost is not even a fraction of that $3,000.

What’s my secret?


WordPress makes it possible for small business owners and bloggers to get a fantastic website published fast.   The website you’re reading is published using WordPress.

What makes WordPress so great, other than the cost (it’s free because it’s open source), is the massive and growing community of website designers who create website designs called themes.

There are literally thousands of themes to choose from.  Many are free and many you must pay for, the cost ranging from $10 to $130, or more.  That’s a lot cheaper than my $3,000 website.

What about free WordPress themes?

I’ve used free themes, and there are some great free themes out there.  The trouble with free themes is the possibility of embedded links to websites to which you definitely have no intention of linking.  Yes, designers create free themes so that when downloaded and published, there’s a link or links to other website totally unbeknownst to the theme user.

I learned about this from this great article about free themes.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some great free themes available, but you should be aware that not all free themes are something you want to use for your yoga studio website.

One other benefit of using themes, is you can customize them.  You can customize both free and paid themes.  You don’t need to use the default design.

If you don’t know how to code anything, and aren’t interested in learning to code a website, then either:

  • get a theme that will work for your yoga studio website “as-is”, or
  • use a WordPress theme generator (I discuss these toward the end of this article – after my list of 10 yoga studio website themes).

Where do you start your theme search?

Since there’s thousands of themes available, where do you start with your yoga studio theme search?

I’ll make it easy by setting out the following in the remainder of this article:

A.  10 WordPress themes ideal for yoga studios
B.  3 WordPress theme generators that make it very easy to create your own WordPress theme design
C.  5 premium WordPress theme developers I like

A.  10 WordPress Themes Ideal for Yoga Studios

These 10 WordPress themes are in no particular order.  You’ll see the 10 selected are a diverse group because not all websites should look the same.

1.  Rejuvenate by Templatic

Rejuvinate Theme by Templatic Themes

Click here to visit Rejuvenate theme website

2.  Infuse by RocketTheme

Infuse theme by RocketTheme

Click here to visit RocketTheme

3.  Serenity by StudioPress

Serenity WordPress theme by StudioPress

Click here to visit Serenity theme website

4.  OnTheGo by ElegantThemes

OnTheGo theme

Click to visit OnTheGo theme website

5.  Health and Beauty by Organic Themes

Health and Beauty Theme by Organic Themes

Click here to visit Health and Beauty Theme by Organic Themes

6.  Carousel Theme by Obox Themes

Carousel Theme by Obox

Click here to visit Obox Themes

7.  Social Eyes by StudioPress

Social Eyes theme by StudioPress

Click here to visit Social Eyes website

8.  Lifestyle by StudioPress

Lifestyle theme by StudioPress

Click here to visit Lifestyle theme website

9.  Deep Focus by ElegantThemes

Deep Focus Theme by ElegantThemes

Click to visit Deep Focus theme at ElegantThemes

10.  bSocial by iThemes

bSocial Theme by iThemes

Click here to visit bSocial theme website

B.  WordPress Theme Generators

What’s a theme generator?

Technically it’s software that creates a theme.  One of the most popular theme generators is Artisteer.  That’s all I’ll say about Artisteer.  I have it; I much prefer theme generators that are in themselves a theme.

What I mean by “theme generators that are in themselves a theme” is you buy what is called a theme, but the theme gives you total control over the design, layout, navigation … everything.  Frankly, I prefer themes that give you the ability to totally design your theme than a theme generator such as Artisteer.

3 WordPress Theme Generators:

I have extensive experience with Builder theme and strongly recommend it if you want total website design control in WordPress.  It’s a lot of fun to use because if you can imagine it, you can create it … all without knowing a single line of code.  It’s one of the greatest WordPress innovations as far as I’m concerned, perhaps except for WordPress itself.

I have not used Thesis or Headway.  I’ve watched the videos and they give you a lot of control over design.  Therefore, I whole-heartedly recommend Builder, but suggest you check out Thesis and Headway because they may be more your preference.

C.  5 WordPress Theme Devlopers I Like

I’ve used themes from all 5 of these theme developers.  They provide excellent support and the themes are easy to set up and use.  You won’t go wrong with any of them.

If you don’t care for any of the 10 individual themes I set out above, browse the hundreds of offerings among these 5 theme developers.

I use StudioPress themes for most of my websites including Yoga Baron (using the Magazine theme).  StudioPress has great pricing and uses the parent/child format (so does Builder by iThemes).

When you use StudioPress themes, you must buy Genesis (the parent), and then choose a child theme.  The above listed StudioPress themes pictured are child themes.  To learn more about this StudioPress innovation, read this in-depth Genesis review I wrote and published on B2Web.

If you want to keep your purchase cost down, look at ElegantThemes.  For $39 you get access to dozens of themes for 1 year, including Deep Focus and OnTheGo above.  It’s a terrific deal and probably the best “all-theme” premium WordPress theme membership deal available.

That said, I’m sure you’ll be happy with a theme purchase from any of the above 5 theme developers.

WordPress is free, but you do need hosting

Don’t neglect to price in the cost of website hosting.  It’s about $4 to $8 per month – depending on the package you get and which service you use.  I use Bluehost and Hostgator.  You can read about my Bluehost experience here and my HostGator experience here.

It’s true there is a little bit of a learning curve using WordPress.  But once you learn it, you’re free to build all the websites you want.  You can get creative and build fantastic sites as well.

I’ve used online website builders (such as Yola, Webs, Jigsy, and Wix), Joomla, and have built HTML-based sites.  I can say without a doubt WordPress is my preferred website platform for small businesses.

What about having the same website as another business?

I’ll conclude by briefly addressing one concern some business owners have about using themes and templates.  The concern is “won’t my website look like other websites?”

First, for my business, I use a StudioPress theme “as-is” and have no concern about my site looking like another site.  I have my own logo and my own images.  It’s my own and it works very well.  I didn’t even bother changing the color scheme.

Second, there are two very simple ways to distinguish your theme from any other theme:

  • create a custom color scheme, and
  • add your own logo.

Both of these functions are easy to do.  The hard part is deciding on a color scheme – that requires the designer in you.

Third, if you still have a concern about using a theme, and you’ve narrowed your potential selections down to a short list, simply check out your competitors’ websites.  If your competitors don’t have the same theme, you’re in the clear.

As far as I’m concerned you need only be concerned about having the same website as a competitor.  It doesn’t really matter if a yoga studio across the country has the same theme.  Their website visitors are not your website visitors.

If you haven’t tried WordPress, give it a try.  If you learn how to take care of your own yoga studio website, you won’t have to pay hefty monthly webmaster fees.  Moreover, you can add content whenever you wish instead of relying on a webmaster to do it for you.
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