5 Steps to Pinterest Marketing for Yoga Studios

With a few exceptions, most yoga studios’ clientele is predominantly female.

Sure, you can create classes for men and it’s a good idea to try to bring more men to your studio because it’s a largely untapped market, but at the end of the day, your studio’s bread and butter are women.  That’s fine.  In fact, one big advantage to this is you aren’t guessing as to one major demographic for your marketing campaigns.

This is where Pinterest comes in.

The lion’s share of Pinterest users are women.  Your prospective clientele is using Pinterest.  This means you should give Pinterest a try.  The best part is using Pinterest for marketing is free.

I’ve recently been getting into Pinterest for some projects and am slowly building some momentum with it.

One other big advantage to Pinterest:  It ranks pretty well in the search engines.  If you create a Pinterest board with a good keyword, you can get the board to rank well in the search engines with not a great deal of effort.

Using Pinterest for your Yoga Studio

Step 1:  Browse and analyze popular yoga boards.  See what kind of pins get a ton of repins.  Also, you’ll get ideas for your own boards/pins.

Step 2:  Focus on providing great content

Like Facebook for yoga studios, you want to avoid selling.  Instead focus on uploading inspiring images.  Pinterest can be your yoga showcase.  Yoga services are visual … stunning visuals alone will sell your services.

Step 3:  Plan it out

You’ll want to plan 3 to 5 boards for starters.  Each board should be a distinct category.  Examples of categories could be:

  • Yoga Inspiration Board:  Create inspiring yoga posters (these go viral fast with a little promotion).  One simple way is to use inspiring quotes on images.  People love these types of pins.
  • Yoga poses:  Create a board of yoga poses.  This super easy for you … just spend an hour or so with someone to take photos of you doing poses.  I think it’s a good idea to add text to the image setting out the name of the pose.  Use PicMonkey.com (it’s a free photo editor and you can add text to images).
  • Yoga studio images:  Showcase your studio on a Pinterest board.  You definitely want to name the board with your town and the phrase “yoga studio”.  This way your board will be keyworded for the search engines.  
  • Infographics of Yoga Routines:  If you’re creative or have some money to invest in infographics, you definitely want to pin these.  Yoga is perfect for infographics – the potential is endless.  Simply create yoga routines on an infographic.  Not too many people do this, but it’s easy to do and they will go viral.  Use your images from your photo shoot.

Other board ideas:  Meditation pins, nutrition pins (vegetarian if that’s your thing), recipes, a board dedicated to your town – good for local traffic.

Step 4:  Pin Regularly

Continue adding new pins every week or every couple of weeks.  If you’re going to use Pinterest, dive right in and commit.

Step 5:  Promote by Participating

Unfortunately you can’t just upload hundreds of pins and expect traction and a flood .  You need to participate to build some momentum.  *This is a really good article on how to promote your Pinterest boards by engaging with the community.

One way to get some fast action is to get some of your pins on boards with thousands of followers.  You might have to contact the board admin, but it’s worth trying.  One pin on a popular board can ignite your board.  Don’t do this until you have your boards set up with a good number of pins.  You don’t want to waste a good opportunity.


  • Ensure you link each pin to your website.  Remember, you want to drive traffic.  You do this by editing a pin and inserting your URL.  Do not forget to do this.
  • Ensure your photos are high-quality.  Pinterest is about images and they need to look great.  Use PicMonkey.com (it’s a free photo editor and you can add text to images).
  • Ensure you format sizing properly.  Pinterest does a good job auto-formatting, but sometimes you might need to do some editing to ensure the images fit properly.  What I do is upload what I have and if it doesn’t fit, I edit it.

Additional resources (good articles on promoting your Pinterest boards and driving traffic to your website):

Social Media Examiner – Check out everything they write about on Pinterest

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