A Super Simple Way to Attract More Yoga Students with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing for yoga studiosTraditionally, online yoga class directories and directory style listings have been a great way to attract more yoga students.

The 800 lb. gorilla is Google Local Pages, but there are scores of online directories.  Some are free and some charge money.  The fact is, the popular ones work very well for driving new yoga students into yoga studios.

But, there’s a new channel you MUST consider for your yoga studio marketing.  That channel is the mobile App.

In fact, app stores are becoming the new search engine.  The implications are huge for any local business including yoga studios.

There’s so much you can do with mobile apps.  In this post I want to discuss mobile yoga studio directory apps.

Why are apps important for marketing?

1.  App stores (iOS and Google Play) are search engines.  People search for services, products and yes, yoga classes in the app search function.  Guess what they’ll find?  Yoga class directory apps.

2.  Once downloaded, that’s what people use and share.  One difference between apps and the internet is that once people download an app, they are very likely to use that app over and over.  They are also likely to share the download link if they like it.

So, if they download a business directory, it’s that directory they will rely on and share with their network.

3.  Mobile use is sky-rocketing.  We’re all using the internet more and more on mobile devices.  I know I do.  Desktops are relegated to the office.  Mobile internet use is done everywhere else.

An Easy First Step

In my view, the easiest first step for any local business marketing with apps is to get listed on the most popular relevant directory apps.

Why?  Because you don’t need to do any app development.  You just need to get listed.  It’s easy to do.  It’s important.

The key is getting listed with POPULAR yoga directory apps.

One of the most popular (because they got this developed early) is the MINDBODY Connect App.  MINDBODY’s Connect currently has over 1 million downloads.  That’s 1 million downloads by people who are specifically looking for health and wellness businesses, including yoga studios.

In my view, if you want a mobile presence, you need to get listed in the MINDBODY Connect App.

How do you get listed in the MINDBODY Connect App?

Only MINDBODY subscribers have access.  This means you must be a subscriber.  The cost ranges from $30 per month to $145 per month.

BUT, for a limited time (end of May 2015) – take advantage of their special offer:  Your first 2 months of MINDBODY are free – but you must sign up HERE (it’s a special, time-limited offer for Yoga Baron Readers).

MINDBODY’s App Directory Alone is Worth the Cost…

It only takes one new yoga student who attends 3 to 5 classes per month to cover the cost of MINDBODY.  After that, all new students via their popular app directory are free.

And then there’s all the other software features you get:

  • Scheduling software (which you can add to your website AND Facebook page),
  • Payment processing (on and off-site)
  • Staff scheduling
  • Email marketing
  • Client database control
  • Retail software

And so much more.

Click here to get your first 2 months of MINDBODY free.  As soon as you sign up, get listed on MINDBODY Connect so you can get your business in front of 1 million people (and growing).


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